The last several years have been an adventure to say the least. We closed down operations in Issaquah, Washington; let some friendships go, created new friendships, lived in India a couple different times with a year sojourn to San Francisco and a three-month Australian stint. There were many different experiences along the way with a good portion of them turning into struggles as we endured them. We did learn a lot from the experiences when the emotions were tamed or exhausted into submission and objectivity was allowed to shine through the storm.

I know I have struggled through the storms of these last few years, but as I looked up in the sky the other day after a small rainstorm, I saw a rainbow. It made me realize the necessity of the storm. Without the rain, no rainbow and without pulling yourself out of your doldrums and looking at the big picture you will miss the rainbows in your life.

It is so easy to forget that this incarnation we have chosen is just a school to learn lessons and payback or receive Karma. Emotions are triggered as we face our storms and it can be quite tricky allowing the energy to be released without consuming us and negating the learning experience we should be learning from. Unfortunately, just like any test, it will keep repeating itself until we pass. I remember listening to a Maitreya channeling done in 2003 and he said that you are actually tested three times and you could pass the first two-times, but if you failed the third time it was back to test-one again. Boy, I guess that clarifies why there are so many storms in our lives.

I don’t know about you, but I have found it is so easy to see other peoples issues repeat themselves over and over again, but can’t seem to see mine doing the same with any clarity. LOL So we end up watching constant storms, theirs and ours and then we share the rainbows!

My experience on my road with Maitreya and his teachings has been a lot of storms, which was not what I was expecting when I began the journey. He has often said to me, if you didn’t have lessons to experience and learn from, you wouldn’t be incarnating to the Earth plane. I have found that it is easy to put my head in the sand and run from my issues as the self has me convinced that it is someone else’s issue, but sooner or later it is my turn no matter how fast I try and run. The stars will align and the storm will come, it will be my choice how soon I get to see that rainbow.

I wish the rainbows were more plentiful, but I have to objectively ask, if you’re experiencing or perceiving that you are experiencing all these rainbows, are you really in the learning mode of the Earth plane? If you really had a choice, would you choose rainbows or storms? I liken my journey to a hurdle race, once I figure out how to get over that first hurdle, I get a little breather, but then the next hurdle is coming up and I need to figure out once again how to get over it.

With this move back to the USA, I am going to try and enjoy the rainbows and contemplate the lessons from the storm. I am going to view life as a game of storms and rainbows and try to accept the storms for what they are, a chance to learn. Hope you experience your Rainbows!