As 2015 comes to a close, if you are like me, I am sure you are reflecting on the year gone by. First of all where did it go! It seems just like yesterday was Jan 1, 2015 and I was heading to Belgium the next day for a couple weeks. How beautiful it was and while I have traveled extensively I had never visited Belgium. A potential opportunity looked promising, but then the door closed. Life continued forward and then another opportunity arose in June and I went to India for a month and as a result we decided to up and move back to India after spending a year in San Francisco. We arrived with excitement and then unfortunately the door closed again and we decided to move on to Australia.

The jury is still out on Australia, but it is so easy to get down on your self when things don’t work out. Yes, I feel you should do some reflection on the situation from a personal perspective, but also respect and learn to appreciate and not judge those that you are dealing with, because, just like you, they have choice also. What may seem so right to you and even easy, may be Mount Everest to them and they may not wish to climb it at this time. I am sure if you are truthful, the shoe probably has been on the other foot in some decisions you have made, I know it has with me.

I appreciate as 2015 comes to a close that we are unencumbered in chasing these opportunities even if they don’t always end the way we had envisioned. Maitreya discussed with me the other day the concept of staying positive and always “Looking Forward” because the past is past. You made a choice or someone else made a choice, end of story, don’t sulk, look forward and know the Universe will bring the next opportunity to you and you don’t want to miss it because you are looking back.

It kind of reminds me of my baseball days. I played the position of shortstop and that was where the majority of ground balls were hit. I was pretty good, but being I was getting 2 to 3 times more balls hit to me that my fellow teammates meant I also had more chances of making an error. I had to learn to keep my spirits up and keep looking forward because after booting an easy ground ball, the game didn’t stop; another batter stepped to the plate and it was highly probable that I was going to be tested again. It was just the law of averages. It came down to me staring at the next batter and wishing him to hit the ball to me so I hand another opportunity or staring at him with fear in my eyes hoping he didn’t hit it to me. I didn’t understand the metaphysical concept of what you fear, you draw into your energy, so more often than not; the ball was coming my way no matter what my frame of mind was. LOL, Welcome to life.

So 2015 is done and I’m excited for the opportunities that will present themselves in 2016. Just like my sports days, I remember Maitreya phrasing life as a game, if only we could see it as a game and pull up our socks and say, “Let the games begin”. With that mind set driving us to look forward and yearn for that next ball to be hit our way with the knowledge that if we embrace the circumstances and situations the Universe brings to us we will ultimately face the challenges and life lessons “We” placed in our game. It’s now 2016; I am going to “Look Forward” and tell the Universe to let the games begin! How about you?