Looking in the Mirror

Jean and I were taking our morning walk the other day enjoying a beautiful sunny morning as we strolled along majestic Lake Pontchartrain. It is a large estuary that is fed by The Gulf of Mexico. New Orleans sits at the center of its southern shore. It has an oval egg shape and measures about 40 mi east to west and 24 mi north to south, it only averages about 12-14 feet deep. An interesting anomaly we have noticed is that when the sky darkens overhead, the water color as you gaze out on the lake turns a charcoal black as the shallow lake absorbs the darkness and reflects it outward to be seen by the world.

The lake was the water source for Hurricane Katrina to wreak havoc on New Orleans back in 2005 when 50 of the surge protection levees were breached. Some areas experienced storm surges of 26-foot walls of water that overwhelmed the levees. Obviously, the levees are critical to the safety of this area. We were surprised, but then again not, if you think about it, to see that they even have a levee police force and we often see them drive by in their white SUV’s on a little narrow paved road that the bicyclists use that parallels the paved footpath that we walk on as they survey their territory of the many earthen grass levees that protect against flooding.

There is a lot of activity that goes into the upkeep of these endless grassy knolls and all the pumping stations that are used to equalize the water from the lake to the canals since New Orleans lies at or below sea level. Workers are constantly laying down new grass sod or mowing the grass. With the size of the lake, there is a lot of land to maintain and we often see workers slowly driving by us in their vehicles on the grass beside the earthen levees, so they won’t interfere with the foot or bicycle paths as they make their way to their designated place of work for the day on the levees. We’ve only been here a couple months, but it didn’t take long to see and experience the levee maintenance ecosystem as we walk the levees each morning. We’ve made quite a few friends, whether we know their names or not, we get the hello or face recognition nod from the many regulars that start their day or end their evening like we do with a nice walk along Lake Pontchartrain.

Our midway point of our 2-mile morning stroll is a picturesque calm lazy little fishing and sail boat marina. The watercraft peacefully sit in their mooring slips, all nestled in the calm placid waters as the sun slowly creeps over the horizon and illuminates the morning with rays of warmth and brightness. It is very peaceful as we make our way through the little parking lot and gaze at the tranquility of the boats basking in the Sun’s energy. We then turn around and start our 1-mile trek back to our car. It is very refreshing and invigorating, because it just seems that everything is at peace and equilibrium with itself.

On this particular morning, the absorption of the darkness and the reflection back to the world from the lake was eerily reflective of what transpired on our walk. As we walked out of the Marina, there is a short distance where we are on the narrow road because there is no footpath in this small stretch. On this morning, a car slowly drives by us on the grass making its way down the levee towards the marina. It took a short glance to ascertain that these were workers heading down the levee to do some manual labor. We continued to walk and just as we were reaching the junction where our footpath branched away from the bike path, a levee police car passed us from behind as an anxious lady approached the police car from the footpath talking agitatedly into her cell phone. As we step onto the footpath I can hear her talking into her phone, “Yes, it was me who called you! There are 4 black guys driving on the grass down the levee.” I can hear the officer calmly speaking out his car window trying to calm her down as he explains that they are just workers doing their jobs and that they are not doing anything nefarious.

For us, she disrupted the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere of our morning walk, because seeing 4 black-men in a beaten-up old car driving down the levee put her in a place of some latent fear. I am not sure she realized it, but something within her darkened and in a blink of an eye, she acted-out by calling the levee police and attempted to bring the storm clouds within her down upon 4 innocent black-laborers.

I mention this, because we now are experiencing many incidents where white people are calling the police on black people for no reason other than some fear is triggered inside them, and more importantly and much scarier, because in our current political climate, people have become emboldened to lash out at people who don’t look like, talk like or believe like them. I must admit the incident triggered my Libra energy, which wanted to come to the defense of the underdog workers, whom I don’t even know and my Scorpio energy was activated and I desperately wanted to turn around and go back to the cop car and ask the cop, “why don’t you lock her up for wasting my taxes dollars with a call that was obviously trivial from my perspective!”

But I didn’t, and you might ask why not? This is where emotions and metaphysics collide head on if we try to grasp “our own” personal motivations and attempt to respect, even though we struggle mightily to understand another’s actions and choices when we are having trouble comprehending why they are doing something we don’t agree with. So, as I was battling my emotions over this individual’s choice of calling the police, I re-ran my own thought process of the morning. In truth, I had also evaluated the worker’s through my own prism, and while my outcome was different that the young lady’s, I did feed their ethnicity, skin color, physical appearance and actions into my personal filter and I just came to a different conclusion that she did. Of course, I am just talking about the surface emotions, I have not even factored in any past-life energy that is the true root cause and the trigger point of all our fears and what most likely was really driving her actions.

So, on this morning, just as I made a choice to use the foot path rather than the road, I also made a choice to allow the woman to vent the energy that erupted from her without me interfering or outwardly judging her and getting involved. Honestly, I did judge her in my mind and then I silently thanked her for bringing to my attention my lifelong lesson of judgement. Obviously, I know I haven’t learned the lesson yet, because if I had, I wouldn’t still be being placed in these situations and “I would not have allowed” her to disrupt the beauty and serenity I was experiencing. i.e. She was not my issue, I was my issue!

Try and remember that we are living in stormy times for the sole reason of bringing our individual storm clouds to the surface to be processed. As Maitreya often said, “Better out than in”, just try and look in the mirror and ask yourself, “What am I supposed to be learning from this experience?”

Have a great month and enjoy your walk thru life’s experiences!