Recently, I have been looking at my life, a kind of review if you like, and looking at what I came here to do, and what I have actually done. It was pleasing to see my birth chart, and to see that I had achieved all of the issues I came to deal with!

I came to be less dramatic; I have a lot of Leo signs, and I have not been shy to admit I have been a drama queen in my past lives and this life in my early years. I came to learn to work hard; in the past I have not done this, neither have I been disciplined, it was a must to change this in this life. I came also to learn to ask for money and to put a worth on myself; I had not done this in the past, I was actually embarrassed and frightened to talk to anyone about money. I also came to be independent and do it MY way rather than follow the crowd. I also came to transform the masses, and change the face of religion, to be in the public arena, and to create the hopes, wishes and dreams I had. In the early years, until I learned to change my thinking, it was extremely hard to do, as I saw myself as not worthy, stupid and ignorant. My biggest lesson was learning to let go of the emotions, boy did I used to be emotional!

Thanks to knowing about Astrology, I was able to first of all, know of my lessons and why I had come to the Earth plane, and also begin to change the belief system, conditioning and remove the fear and move forward. So, do I go home to spirit now that I have done and learned what I came to do? No, I cannot. I now begin to teach others, which I have already done, but in a more public way. This month of April on the 15th, a Lunar Return in Libra on a full moon, at 25 degrees, hits my Sun in the first house in my natal chart at 25 degrees, and my Chiron in the first at 26 degrees! It is designed to really put me in a bigger arena, more public than I am. I could not have done it before, as this Lunar Eclipse is my launch pad. I also have Jupiter in my 10th house this year, another favorable aspect to put me forward to where I need to go.

It is wonderful knowing I have achieved what I came to do, but while I was going through it, facing fears, of which I had many, it was sooo hard, and there were times I almost gave up. Thankfully, I had the energy of a Master to help me, just as those who come to see me now, for assistance from a Master.

If you want to know if you are achieving your life lessons, have your birth chart interpreted, it will be one of the best things you could do for yourself. I know without a doubt, I do not have to return here, at the end of my life, what a blessing!