Love for God
by Sree Pallavi Thota

I recently read ‘Autobiography of Yogi’, although I saw this book in my house during childhood. It taught me how we can love God, that it is that love that will brings us closer to it.

Unconditional love of God and its experience in prayer and meditation can bring new joy that cannot be described and explained in words. It’s a personal communication of that love for you, and it brings deep healing. Even deep wounds feel like small specks in the fluid of the great sea of conscious awareness, which is so indescribably vast, and it simply dissolves them. In the bliss of it, you can detach and relinquish the grips of pain and anger. It also brings home the realization that it has always been there, yet hidden from what we term ‘reality’. It is our father, mother, spouse, friend, salvation to give a helping hand when we become consciously aware of its presence.

Your awareness in the present moment and seeking to merge and become part of it, is your love for it. Your love for it is challenged by momentarily forgetting of this vastness and our attachment to thoughts of past and future and our own projections of these and ourselves, in relation to something we think that is not us. The emotional high waves and rapids sweep us and drown us. Yet there is the present moment that offers a window to conscious awareness, that we are nothing but it. Our past sorrows dissolved in its kindness of making us aware of a karmic imprint and a lesson carried out to aid us to connect with it on a deeper level via healing from sorrow.

Healing is the very core of it, for everything it touches merges into it and so heals. Why does such a painful circumstance happen to me we say. Past action, lessons to learn, that we may not be conscious of, can direct the drama as the energy is real and very much there. For example, your feeling of unworthiness to merge with the Divine Spirit could come in many ways. Ask if that thought came from the nature of love. If it did not, try to move your awareness to find what’s underneath it, ask for information. Sometimes pain can make us want to run away from it rather than feel it deeply and uproot it. Sometimes our pride stops us from asking for help. Sometimes it may be our attachment to glamor. Sometimes it is fear. There are many ways that lead us away from truth. Millions of incarnations of karmic debt can bring us many lifetimes of balancing out the debt via energy block clearing, past circumstance healing etc. The magnitude of our karmic journey is enormous. Yet we are only a small part, a wave in the great sea of conscious awareness of love. When we start to connect some dots and become consciously aware of this love, we make progress in our rapids, and from the courage born out of that journey on our rapids, we go with the rhythm and knowing to look at it from the perspective of the great sea of awareness. When we forget the sea’s perspective, we fall and drown, yet the Spark within continues unceasingly groping for love of God, it self-starts its way back to its original place in God. Imagine a heart shaped stone broken into many pieces and each piece is making its way back to make the whole as if it is being magnetically drawn to its original place. As we heal, this entire heart reforms and merges in God. We see what a blessing it is, this process of healing for it is the very proof of unconditional love. Love yourself for you are love itself.

Song by Paramahamsa Yogananda: I am the bubble, make me the sea

Much love. Namaste.