Love Holds No Grievances!

When I find myself in an awkward situation or having an upsetting conversation with a family member or friend, before reacting with my natural human response of annoyance or frustration, I catch myself and ask, “What would Jesus do?”

The *Jesus I’m talking about is the Jesus of my childhood, the really nice man who did kind things in the New Testament of The Bible. (I always thought he was an old man when I was little, but he passed away in his thirties!) I was raised as a Christian and attended weekly Sunday church services from age 7 through 14 years. I expect some of you can relate to this type of Christian upbringing, and I was at boarding school, although in the holidays and when I became a “day girl” and permanently lived at home again with Mum and Dad, we only went to church at Easter and Christmas.

However, I liked *Jesus as a child and now I love him as a student of A Course in Miracles, which He gave His channel, Helen Schucman in the 1960s – so I’ve gone full circle and am back with Jesus again! Ain’t life strange?! No? It was obviously meant to be!

For me, *God and Jesus are synonymous with *Love. God is Love, and therefore Jesus is Love too. And Love holds no grievances. When I connect to my innate Love I feel at peace and joyous, and feel nothing to do with grievances, anger or any sense of loss or separation.

I absolutely love Ascended Master Maitreya too, and through studying with His amazing channel Margaret in 2003-05, I learnt so much and still use His wisdom in my life and work today. In this article, I’d like to share with you some of the thought processes I’ve used on my journey of re-awakening to Love.

I’ve used this collection of phrases, as affirmations, on many occasions, and I hope they may be useful to you too:

“I let go of my past,

I let go of my worries,

I am positive about my future.”

Affirmations need to be said (and repeated many times) in the present tense, as if the thing you want to change in your sub-conscious mind has already happened.

“I move forward positively.”

“I love and forgive everyone, including myself, so that I heal my past wounds and become as God-like as possible in this lifetime.”

“I release all feelings of regret, resentment and anger.”

“I am patient and I practice forgiveness at every opportunity” – although practising *Forgiveness after the event or on childhood events works perfectly well. I’m referring to Quantum or Radical Forgiveness, rather than worldly forgiveness, although that has its place occasionally.

“I let go of all my conditioning hidden in my sub-conscious mind, so my transformation is amazing and I become a pure channel for Spirit.”

“I connect to *Love, to Spirit, as often as I can so it becomes habitual.”



Oh yes…..  “I forgive my relatives for upsetting me, although I know they’re mirroring what is in my mind, in my sub-conscious, so I forgive myself too.”

I always end my affirmations and my communications with Spirit with a simple: “Thank you Spirit!” And that simple “thanks” always makes me smile!

Have fun with it! This work isn’t meant to be hard, it’s only US that makes it hard! Spirit is always laughing! Maitreya taught us that, and Margaret told us they are having good fun where they are now!

With love, as ever

Jacquie Verbeek