My Moon, Mars and Mercury are in the mutable sign of Gemini which makes me a “Jack of all trades” in learning and investigating new approaches and teachings. But being a “Master of nothing” is out of the question!

At the beginning of October, I came across Human design profiling and my brain lit up like an alien satellite. I had to learn it all and fast! Everything. Since then I’ve watched hours and hours of YouTube videos, read free books and joined multiple groups on social media with one goal in mind – to master a new technique! Yes, I’m my own worst enemy. My restless mind is never calm. I was joyfully amused finding out about my human design profile and how to read my body graph. This technique approaches human design and aura type by combining Astrology, I Ching, Kabbalah, Hindu Chakra system and Quantum Physics. Great? Yes, but I was overwhelmed, so I asked my guide Theo for help. In a week, I have met two amazing women teachers, who are guiding me with new information through this new interest of mine. Finding out that I belong to Manifestor type (only 9% of population) and having a 4/1 profile – Investigating Opportunist with fated Juxtaposition Cross of stillness (only 1-2% of population) got me to investigate even more! My inner Authority is splenic, which means that my decision making must be instant and intuitive and my Strategy is to inform which also resonates a lot. I belong to a dying type of humans living in a world which obviously don’t need leaders and ones who can have an impact on others. But well, I am ok with being a bridge connecting and informing people.

One more confirmation that my purpose and mission in this life is to be a well of knowledge and a Vessel for information. I’m not here to work and build but to contemplate, impact and teach others.

Now, I am also having fun comparing gates and channels in my body graph to my natal chart aspects.

Funny how Jean told me in one of our chit chats that I am a powerful manifestor and creator (not knowing all this), and I replied with yes, I have managed to manifest all my fears! Lol. Now I want to consciously manifest lots of great things in my life.

I have been channeling a lot and offering spiritual readings, connecting with people in spiritual businesses all over the world while compulsively trying to edit my book (I found a fantastic editor during this process) and bugging myself about should I publish it or not and if I should, how?

While I’m ranting out about my month, trying to help my daughter with homework,  preparing dinner, playing with my dog, checking my email for jobs and answering people in at least dozens of astrology groups on fb ( you see, I never stop!), I feel that I’m finally out of my Cardboard phase! I am overwhelmed and so pleased to finally be stepping from Stellar to Cosmic consciousness!

And even I feel energized and restless to jump out to the real world with new courage on a different vibration. I am aware that my body is still struggling with all this new energy shifting through my human body. I started eating a lot, which is kind of normal after channeling or energy work but also gaining body weight. I obsessively drink water (it’s easier to connect with the spirit world through water) and find that I need a lot of time out with short meditations and resting. I am also trying to ease all that running energy with walking (I’m praying for colder days!). I am not comfortable with constant tingles on my scalp either. It is not easy being me lately, for sure!

What I wish for you all (and for myself) in the upcoming month is to be easy on ourselves as Mercury is retrograding in the powerful sign of Scorpio, which is giving us an opportunity to contemplate, heal and transform one more layer of our subconscious.