Masculine Vs Feminine
by Jean Luo

Out of curiosity I took an online course in Traditional Chinese Medicine since I have always been intrigued by it. The foundation of Chinese Medicine is the Differentiation of Syndromes of YIN and YANG. I have to say, it contains a deep understanding and wisdom of how the YIN(Feminine) and YANG(Masculine) energies are intertwined and unseparated as they work throughout our body, mind, and soul. At the end of one class, the teacher gave us a small test to see what energy is most dominate in our own energy field. It turned out that I am more masculine than feminine even though I am a woman! LOL

Fifteen years ago, when I had just moved in with Margaret and Alan as their personal assistant, Maitreya himself channeled through Margaret and told me that came into this incarnation to learn to be more gentle and softer. I was unable to fully understand what he meant, so I questioned it silently, but at same time I appraised the perceptions of my actions, “I never had quarrels with anyone openly or violently; I never attacked anyone verbally or physically; I was very diligent and hardworking; I never involved myself in gossip or ran into conflict with people because of our different opinions or points of view, etc. etc., specifically, how could I not be gentle, softer and kind?!”. My mind went into overdrive trying to search all possible reasons to justify my gentle nature because my Self felt threatened and intimidated by Maitreya’s words. My Self took what Maitreya said very personally and in a wrong way, and it caused me to play the victim, it made me uneasy, frustrated and truly angry during those years!

At that time, I couldn’t see that I was in fact, very rigid, fixed, righteous, and conditioned in my thoughts, thinking, and beliefs. I didn’t like being in a group of women and to get involved in their gossip because I considered it rude and in poor taste; I buried myself in work to reach my goals without realizing that I was extremely competitive; I could not tolerate people making mistakes or doing things that I considered stupid or wrong. I was serious, hardly smiled, was easily hurt, but kept it all bottled up inside, and I took everything personally; I always kept myself strong and sturdy, never allowing myself to cry, and never had a second thought about how or why I was living my life this way.

It took me fifteen years of self-reflection and learning utilizing my metaphysical education, but I am finally able to see and understand what Maitreya meant when he told me I came to learn to be gentler and softer in this incarnation.

From a Metaphysical understanding, everything is energy, from our thoughts, words, feelings, emotions, to our consciousness, body, mind, and soul, as well as the world and the Universe we are in. Life is energy. In order for us to have a peaceful and happy life, we must have a balanced Yin and Yang energy between our body, mind, and spirit. Whenever there is a balance, there is peace and harmony; Whenever we are living in peace and harmony, we feel true happiness, contentment, and fulfillment.

We, the humans on the Earth Plane, have been living in very rigid and conditioned systems; through our beliefs, culture, education, social structure, and perception of justice. Thus, due to being programmed and conditioned from the moment we are born, many of us have been living a very unbalanced, competitive, and stressful life in order to survive so that we can have a so-called “good” material life. We were conditioned that our success and fulfillment was to get acknowledged, recognized, and approved by our group and by society, etc. Society evaluates us based on our success in life, which is based on money, wealth, social status, power, title, and popularity, etc. If we we’re unable to attain money, wealth, social status, educational degrees, positions, titles, and popularity, we would be considered as failures, lower class or bad. As a result, the whole of humanity is controlled and dominated by masculine energy, our life is masculine driven. It creates egotism, self-centeredness, competition, conflict, war, descension, separation and destruction, instead of caring, nurturing, cooperation, collaboration, understanding, respect, tolerance, support for each other, and sharing.

I have come to the realization that how I perceive life and how I live my life is a function of how the mind works, because our mind is driven and controlled by masculine energy, it is driven by our Self aspect. To shift the energy of the mind, I must focus on developing my heart center. The heart is the seat of our soul, it emits unconditional love and compassion – the softer and gentle feminine energy. Since I have chosen to become softer and gentler in this life, it means that I must develop an open heart through working on my feminine side and by connecting and working with the Yin energy. By becoming more aware of my thoughts, habits, patterns, temperament, and conditioning, I am a work in progress to change these aspects gradually with patience and perseverance. Hopefully, at the end of my life, I will be finally able to balance my Yin and Yang energy, and I will have become a better soul.

I’d like to encourage you to look at the picture on top of this article, what do you see at the first. It will give you the clue which energy you connect the most. There is no right or wrong, but just a way to look at our own energy and what’s dominate and what you may want to work on to find the balance of your Yin and Yang. At first glance, what do you see? It will give you the hint which energy (Yin or Yang) you have the most at this moment of time. You can post your result in the comment and I will then let you know.   Enjoy and have fun!