“Master Your Life” – Inspired by Maitreya!

Hello, this is my first Blog (21st century essay!) for Maitreya.co. I’ve been invited to share my “inspiration, vision, insights and the experience of my life journey”, so here goes!

I expect you know Maitreya as the World Teacher, an ascended master who brings the knowledge and wisdom of Spirit to souls on Earth – those of us ready to receive it. Are you ready? I expect so, or you wouldn’t have signed up to this newsletter!

Jesus and Buddha are also ascended masters – there are many. Maitreya specifically chose to speak through Margaret McElroy, to share the Wisdom of the Ancient Ones. How cool was that?! I was one of Margaret’s early students, 17 years’ ago with Jean Luo, and I very quickly went on to teach his work in the UK, Europe and Australia.

I heard Maitreya’s teachings first-hand through Margaret, an Englishwoman like myself, who deep-trance channelled Maitreya. She was an amazing Clairvoyant who, as you may know sadly passed away in 2016, far too soon, having given her life in service to Spirit, as many of us do now, including Jean and Alan McElroy, who continue to do Margaret’s work through the Maitreya.co website and in person, travelling the world.

Jean, Alan and I were Margaret’s students in the early 2000s, and we all now teach and continue to spread the Light. I’m so grateful to Margaret and the hard work she put in for us. I’m blessed with my son, Russell and daughter, Frances Verbeek, who also did Margaret’s Metaphysics courses as young people and we’ve been travelling pretty much the same spiritual paths. Nothing is by accident and I know I’m blessed to have them in my life.

I’d been on a life-long search for answers to questions like, “What happens when we die?”, “What’s my purpose?”, “Why are we here?” and “What exactly is God?”. This article is the first of many and I hope it offers you some answers to those questions and any others you may have. More importantly, I hope to be able to share with you tools and techniques to manage your challenges in this incarnation, and to “Master Your Life”, which is the name of my spiritual coaching business in the UK.

On my first Metaphysics Course with Margaret, in Australia, I just knew that I had to teach Maitreya’s work in England; so in 2004, I cut my working hours as a Professional Charity Fundraiser down to part-time so I could start my spiritual coaching business, “Master Your Life” – the name was given me by Spirit, who inspire me constantly.

I did the Advanced and Brotherhood Courses with Alan and Jean. Russell and later Frances did the Brotherhood Course along with other students you may know: Deidre Wilton and Hannah Gerzon to name but two. All these wonderful souls have gone on to become intuitive astrologers, counsellors, teachers and healers. Whatever our chosen modality, we’re all healers and bringers of Light – Lightworkers, although that word isn’t used in the mainstream!

So: “What is our purpose?”

Have you ever asked that question? You don’t have to hit rock bottom, to have thrown up your arms in despair to have asked it, but no doubt some of you have. I did! So, what is the point of all this struggle, pain and suffering?

The simple answer is: To heal. But to love others as we love ourselves, to find peace of mind, and to heal others. Learning to love ourselves isn’t as easy as it is to say. But without doing so, we can’t totally help others. It’s a bit “chicken & egg” to start with, and it does involve lots of personal development work. For example, Jesus spent “40 days in the wilderness” to clear his demons, and he didn’t have running water and a comfy bed to sleep in! But as they say: “No pain, no gain”!

There are several stages that souls go through on our spiritual awareness journey; searching for our Truth. I say “our” and not “the” Truth, because each one of us discovers our Truth within. Someone told me the other day, “You’re wrong!” She almost shouted it at me! I was taken aback and have yet to address the issue with her, but she doesn’t know what’s in my heart, as I don’t know what’s in hers, but it is never for someone else to tell you whether you are right or wrong in your spiritual growth. We are all at different stages and we come to our own realisations in our own good time.

Each stage can last from as little as one day to 50+ years depending upon the individual involved. You can stay a whole lifetime at just one stage and that doesn’t matter. You might not reach enlightenment, but it’s our individual choice as to how far and how fast we want to progress.

Margaret showed us how to channel using her Osho tarot cards. I’d never done it before and nervously practised with another student. And here I am today, chatting quite naturally with Spirit and my parents, who have passed. We all have innate skills that can be learnt.

When we start becoming aware of the challenges in our life and what they mean for us, we will be taken out of our comfort zone. We will start to make changes to our conditioned belief systems and to our lifestyles.

Please remember that you do all this because you chose to. We choose everything that happens in our lives – good and bad. We choose our reactions to situations, and understanding why these challenges come into our lives helps us to face them.

Raising our awareness is all about letting go of old habits and beliefs that our Ego Self has made us believe for so many years.

Most fear is based on our conditioning so we may need to let go of some friends, bad habits – anybody or anything that is not working for us anymore. And this can be scary. It’s about facing up to the things that frighten us – our subconscious fears will come to the surface to be overcome.

Here’s an incentive … when people open up to Spirit and start working with that energy, the years drop off them because our body’s cells are energised. People working with the Energy don’t age as normal because when we work with Spirit, their energy is constantly streaming through our bodies, energising our cells.

Most growth in raising our consciousness is about letting go of our fears, bad habits and unwanted relationships. It becomes more challenging as we raise our awareness because our Ego Self is going to be undone as we progress, and it doesn’t want us to!

As our vibration raises we start to give away what we don’t need. Things only you know aren’t good for you and we make lifestyle changes. Letting go of old habits and changing your conditioning will naturally raise your vibration.

Lovely talking to you and I hope to be back in April! If you’re in the UK or Europe please visit my website.

Love as ever,


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