Me and You – We All

I love the light.

I fight for the light.

I fight for the truth.

I respect the truth.

I walk towards you into my heart chakra.

There are pink roses on both sides.

You say: “Come to me. I am your friend in better and for worse.”

The light shines through.

The love was, the love is, and the love will be.

Nothing in this world can break or perforate this love.

I sense all that is.

I sense the rhythm which moves the whole universe and every system in it.

I sense the universal beat.

I sense peace.

The world turns in one point and is binded together with love.

You say: “Simultaneously when you come to me you will meet yourself”.

The wisdom of the universe is all around.

This wisdom is simple.

It says that you and I are one, no matter who I am or who you are.

If I hurt you, I hurt myself.

If I do you good, I do good to myself.

We are one, we have always been one and we will always be one.

Respect the circulation which includes that me and you are one and give it only love. Then the love will multiply very fast.

Hrafnkatla Valgeirsdóttir, Iceland.