Meditation: What It Really Is and Why It’s So Important
By Laura Elliott


Hello everyone! The Angels have a beautiful message for us this month about the importance of “meditation”.  I put that in quotes because they are teaching us about what meditation really is and attempting to change our limited understanding of it.  They are certainly helping us to understand what the core reason is behind meditation and why it is so important for the growth we seek.  I hope you enjoy their message as much as I have.  Much love, Laura

“The time has come to pass when you must choose your way.  Time as you know it has wound its way down at the last and decisions must be made.  We are here to bring you these tidings in the hopes that you will heed our guidance.  We humbly offer you our help in the hope that you will awaken to the true, beautiful Spiritual Beings that you truly are.

You were born with amnesia and do not remember the grand plan that you had for your lives during this incarnation or any other for that matter.  Those who read this wished to help this planet grow and expand in consciousness and the inhabitants upon it to progress in their chosen development cycle and to move on from here.  Gaia had graciously agreed to house her inhabitants during this extended experience when it was requested to experience duality, the separation of the male and female aspect of yourselves.  So not only did you separate yourselves from the Creator by choosing a limited physical form, but you further separated yourselves by choosing to experience this duality of the masculine and feminine.  You have forgotten that you chose this of your own free will and were granted the opportunity when your request was fulfilled.  You’ve spent eons of time not only feeling the loss from the separation from the Creator that you think of as real because of the amnesia but is not, but also feeling the loss of your “other half” due to the requested duality experience.  You continue to search for your “other half” even as you search for the Creator.  The problem is that you are always searching in the wrong places for these things you miss.  You are always searching outside yourself for what can only be found within.

We have spoken many times to many people of late on the importance of meditation.  We wish to stress that it is not the act of meditation that is important, but the feeling that is learned of heart centered calmness that is of utmost importance and is the true goal and meaning behind meditation.  We teach you to look within for your answers, where they all reside.  But to find them you must be able to get out of your heads, out of the realm of thinking, and drop back down into your heart center and your intuition.  This is where communication with us, your guides and your Higher Self occurs.  We are unable to connect with you while you are going around and around in your mind looking for answers.  It is as if you were inside a house playing heavy metal music cranked as high as the volume will go while begging the Creator to hear your prayer for guidance, and then assuming you received none because you were unable to hear anything.  Meanwhile we are all outside your door knocking and ringing the doorbell because you invited us over, but you cannot hear us because the music inside the house is so loud.  This is what it is like when you are lost in your mind and your brain is spinning looking for answers and solutions to your problems.  You must first turn down the music in order to hear us knocking on the door.  You have invited us over and we have accepted the invitation.  The way to turn down the music, of quieting the noise in your mind, is by going to that place of centered calmness, which is the feeling that is learned through meditation, which then takes you back to your heart center where we in Spirit communicate with you.

We are not giving you something else to do that you must fit in to your busy schedule somehow.  No, we are telling you that there is an activity that you most likely already do, or would like to do, that you enjoy that puts you into that centered calmness of meditation.  Again, it is not about the act of meditation itself but the feeling that is learned and that can be applied to every other aspect of your lives that is important.  For example, our channel will enjoy a walk on a trail in the woods on a nice sunny day, sit upon a rock or tree stump, look at the tress, breathe the air and look at the sky.  She is not trying to think of anything, she is not trying to not think of anything.  She is in the moment, breathing, and relaxing as thoughts come and go through her mind.  She has no expectation of the experience; she is just in the now and experiencing complete calmness and peace.  Our channels sister will sew and craft and reach this same space.  This is what meditation is about.  This feeling of being in the now in complete calm and peace.  We are not saying you must go for walks in the woods to do this, or start sewing and crafting, any more than we are saying you must sit in a certain position on the floor for a specific length of time to meditate.  Although if that does work for you, that is fine as well.  We are saying to find an activity/hobby you either already do, or would enjoy doing, that allows you to find that peace and calm centered-ness.  Because in times of stress, anxiety, fear, worry etc. it is about closing your eyes, seeing yourself doing that activity/hobby, and by envisioning it, it then conjures the feeling again of when you were actually there experiencing that peace and calmness.  For our channel, she will close her eyes and envision herself sitting upon that rock or tree stump, feel again the breeze on her face, hear again the wind in the trees and see the sunlight play upon the leaves of those trees and she is there again, which then conjures the same feeling of peace and calmness she had when she was actually there experiencing it.  To be very clear,


We ask each one of you to practice this skill until we meet again.  It will be a matter of breaking habits.  Your first instinct in every single case is to “react” by turning to fear and thereby shutting yourself off from us.  You have been taught since you were little that this was a “natural” response, but we tell you it is not.  It is learned, and in the learning, you were stripped of your power and you were taught to be victims.  But now that you have the awareness of what has been done to you and of this tool that we are giving you to be calm and heart centered, you may take your power back and you may choose to respond instead of react.  You may choose to stay heart centered rather than reacting in fear and going into your mind for answers.  Awareness is the key, once you have awareness of the situation then you understand you have the power to make a change.

This concept is so important to learn at this particular time with everything that is going on.  If you do not realize that you have a choice to fear or not, then you are a victim to fear and susceptible and vulnerable to all the hazards that a lower vibration can bring.  Because at any point that you are existing in fear you are existing in a lower vibration.  So, we tell you now, it is very important to make fear obsolete from your repertoire.  We will be checking in with each of you and knocking upon your door to visit with you.  Will you hear us knocking or will your music be turned up too high to hear us at your door?”