Memorial Day!

This coming weekend is Memorial Day in the U.S., which is a national holiday to pay tribute to those close to us that have passed before us. It brings back memories for me of visiting a graveyard in a little farming town where my mother’s father was buried. We would drive the 60 miles from our metropolitan community and pick up my mother’s mom and then go to the graveyard just outside of town to put flowers on his grave. Actually, what really happened each year of my childhood that I can remember (about age 5-12) is that my mom, grandmother and lots of other people would be at the cemetery putting flowers on the graves, but my father and I would be sitting in the car or under a tree listening to a famous auto race called the Indianapolis 500 on the radio. Ironically, as the cars became faster and the safety requirements lagged their increasing speed, for quite a few years at least one or two drivers would get killed competing in the race that just happened to be held of all days, Memorial Day.

Thinking back on my childhood and contemplating Margaret’s passing in 2016, it makes me take pause and think about how fragile life really is and that we are in fact, mortal creatures in the physical. Maitreya would often stress to me that if we understood the death experience better, we would understand it is as simply a transition for the soul, nothing more. Makes sense and sounds easy, but unfortunately there is a lot of emotions around the death experience for us and those around us. There is also an evaluation of the life just lived by the soul who just departed. Once they are fully transitioned, they will proceed to view their life experience in the hall-of-mirrors from the perspective of their actions, plus they will get to experience the emotional feelings of those that their choices affected.

Heavy stuff when you get into looking at how you handle death, and how the soul that has died gets to see how they handled life. While there is no judgement by those in the world of spirit (only you judge yourself), there are so many outcomes from our actions. Try and look at your life and how you are dealing with your fears and emotions. Are you assisting or creating fear in someone’s transition? Are you dealing with the life lessons you’ve chosen with a particular soul who could be here today, and gone tomorrow in an unexpected moment?

So, on this weekend of paying tribute to those that have passed, no matter what your traditions are, think of your chosen life lessons around those closest to you. Take advantage of the moment as they occupy the Earth plane with you, so it won’t be an issue for you as you review your life in the hall-of-mirrors and think “If only”? Make the most of the moment, I know I have some actions items I need to attend too! How about You! 😊

I’ve attached the Maitreya Wisdom Card for Family, that’s where a lot of our life lessons will play out. (For your daily guidance, download the Maitreya Wisdom app for free Here)

Have a good month,