Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius – Observe, Explore and Learn

On 30/31 January 2021, we have the first Mercury Retrograde of the year.  At this time Mercury is sitting in Aquarian energy alongside the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn and so we have the advantage of all sorts of support for our inner self-discovery and individualism at this time.  The Sun in Aquarius is encouraging us all to embrace our alternative natures, Jupiter is expanding on all of this and showing us how and where we can make the most use of our individuality, and Saturn is bringing structure and discipline to how we apply who we are and our innovative qualities to the world that we live in.

Mercury Retrograde is always about re-visiting and re-assessing where we are at and the influence of Aquarius here is asking us all to step back and re-examine the world around us to see what it is actually saying and meaning, and what this means to you personally.  One of the things Aquarian energy works extremely well with is technology and so during this 3-week period of inner exploration, we can use technology to research what interests or confuses us and to allow ourselves, through our own process of critical thinking and intuitive understanding, to find our own answers and beliefs.  It is a time to be flexible and to think from the heart as much as you can.  You can use your intelligence and awareness to find out what you need too, and then you can use your heart and intuition to tell you whether it resonates with you as your truth, or not.

The timing of this Retrograde will allow us all to process what has gone before this month.  We are being given time to review and think about what has happened globally as well as personally so far this year, and to take all of this in so as we can see how and where we can make use of it.  2021 certainly took off with a hiss and a roar and now we get to take a breather so we can take stock of what has happened and then make use of it for the highest good of all concerned.  So, this is a timely reminder for us all to slow down so as we can think, process, assess, determine and understand BEFORE we act.

Aquarius is an Air sign and so when the planet of communication turns Retrograde in this energy it will very much affect the way that we “think”.  When he Retrogrades in a Water sign, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces he affects the way that we “feel”, and when he Retrogrades in a Fire sign, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius he is affecting how we “act” and when he Retrogrades in an Earth sign, he is affecting what we “believe”.  Wherever the Aquarian energy sits in your Natal Chart will be where this Retrograde phase will affect you.  Aquarian energy is always a reminder to us to develop and push our thinking and abilities outside of what we traditionally know or have been taught, and to find a way to share what we find here with others.  So, during this Retrograde period, it is an ideal time to take what you know or do and see how you can take it to the next level, or how you can innovate it or present an alternative to it.  We are being given the time and space to evaluate what we think to be true, to see what more can be done here and/or how far we can develop an alternative or more innovative method or product.

With Saturn already sitting in Aquarius there is no escaping collective and personal change on every level.  It is time.  While he was transiting through Capricorn for the past 3 years, he was teaching us all about traditions, control, materialism, capitalism and professional success.  Now that he sits in Aquarius it’s a whole new ball game that will shift our priorities towards humanity, the environment, our values, forward-thinking and technology.  We are really getting to see how controlled we have been as a collective in so many ways; from the rules and regulations of a government to the traditions and patterns of family.  It is Saturn’s job to create the structure we need to discipline ourselves to work hard to achieve our goals.  Therefore, we can co-ordinate the energy of Saturn with the energy of Mercury at this time to create new structures in our lives that will support any new ways of thinking and to also look to what truly needs to be under our control and what we can let go of.  Jupiter, the great expander, is also in Aquarius adding his energy of growth and manifestation to all that we do.  The Aquarian energy is slowly but surely building up in this Age of Aquarius and there can be no going back.  This is the Great Awakening we have been waiting for and it is time for humanity as a whole to take its power back for the highest good of this planet and all who live here.

During this Mercury Retrograde period, 30/31 January – 21/22 February 2021, explore your visions; especially the ones that are alternative or innovative in any way.  Look for new solutions to old problems and don’t be afraid to do it and say it YOUR way.  But, as Mercury Retrograde is notorious for miscommunications and many other confusions, it is not an ideal time to be acting on what you think and plan.  It is always best to wait until well after this period before you take action, as this is designed as a time for reflection and re-assessment NOT a time for putting yourself out there or for taking action.  And make sure you back up your computers prior to this period, double-check any travel plans as well as your vehicle, and try not to over-react to what is going on outside of you.  Use this wonderful Aquarian energy to become the observer of your world; to look at it through new eyes and to grow and learn more about yourself through this experience.  Blessings xox