Mercury Retrograde – Mastering Your Inner World
by Deidre Wilton

Mercury Retrograde is now upon us!  Now, we all know that Mercury Retrograde can be a time of great disruption and challenges, but it is also a gift from the Universe, as it gives us much-needed time and space to process what is going on in our lives at this time.  However, as with all Mercury Retrogrades, this is not a time to be signing important papers, making expensive purchases, travelling and booking travel, and/or coming to any major agreements or decisions.  During Mercury Retrograde, information can go missing and what is normally clear and concise can be confused and disjointed. The mischief of Mercury is all around us and it is his purpose at this time to convince you that you are better off looking into your inner world right now than you trying to make things happen in your outside world.

For the next approximately 9 days we will have 7 planets in Retrograde: Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Chiron, Neptune and Mercury, making this a fantastic opportunity to go within and do your inner work.

Our inner work or shadow work is the effort we all need to put into knowing, accepting and understanding ourselves and our life purpose.  To fully embrace who you truly are and what you have come here for, you must know ALL of yourself and have no judgement.  We are all made up of our good and bad bits, our beautiful and ugly bits, our sensible and silly bits and our positive and negative bits, and these are all the integral parts of you that make up your whole.  Just as without day we would not have night, without sadness you cannot know happiness and without struggle, you cannot know victory.

We can use this powerful Retrograde period to make peace with our inner worlds; to tame our demons, to make friends with our shadow and most importantly, love and accept ourselves for ALL that we are.

We can use Pluto to master our inner world and move you out of outdated and restrictive attitudes.

We can use Saturn to discipline ourselves and create new sustainable structures in our lives.

We can use Jupiter to expand upon all that is positive and innovative about us.

We can use Uranus to find and empower our independent thoughts and actions.

We can use Chiron to heal any feelings we may have of rejection or not being good enough.

We can use Neptune to see through any illusions we have created for ourselves that are not based on reality

And finally, we can use Mercury to re-assess, re-do and/or re-visit ALL of the above!

Call in your Higher Self energy and ask this to assist you in healing and transcending all that has been holding you back or limiting you in any way to date.  You are sovereign being capable of manifesting and creating all that you need and desire in this world, and it all starts with honouring, loving and developing all the bits that make up beautiful YOU.  Blessings xox