Message in A Bottle… or Any Form They May Come In
by Laura Elliot

“Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay

My, oh, my, what a wonderful day

Plenty of sunshine headin’ my way

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay!”

For some reason, at random times, this song starts repeating in my head.  I’m not usually feeling particularly jovial at those times, but maybe that’s why the Angel’s put it in my head.  Before I know it, I’m humming and whistling it for a good while after it first appears.  It’s hard to have that song repeating in your head and not be-bop around to it LOL.  It’s up tempo AND overly optimistic, which coincidentally, or not, is also a good definition of me.

I’ve found that at times the Angel’s will use songs to give us messages, or to uplift our mood, such as this song does for me.  One time, I was reading someone’s cats for them and when I thought I was finished, I found that the John Denver song “I Want to Live” kept repeating in my head.  When things repeat in my head like that, it means they really want me to relate their message to someone.  So, I knew it was for the person who’s cats I was reading.  If you’re not familiar with the song, the chorus says:

“I want to live, I want to grow

I want to see, I want to know

I want to share what I can give

I want to be, I want to live!”

She wasn’t sure she knew the song, so I found it in my playlist and played it for her.  It was such a powerful thing when she heard that chorus, between the words and the way he builds it up instrumentally and vocally through the song, it really sounds like an anthem, and that’s what they said it was for her.  She had reached a point in her life where this really meant something to her because she’d decided to live, grow, see, know, to share what she can give the world, and to just be.  They were acknowledging to her that they’d heard her desire for this, and to let her know they would be there to help her achieve it.

You never know where the messages from our Angel’s, Guides, and Higher Selves will come from, or who they’ll come from.  They ask that we have an open mind to any and all possibilities.  If we have an idea in our head of what a message should look like, we miss the messages they’re giving us because we’re too focused on what, or how, we think it should be.  Keep an open mind and heart, with no preconceived ideas of what their messages may look like, so that you can receive these messages in any form that they may come to you.