Messages of HOPE for the New Year


to cherish a desire with anticipation, to want something to happen or be true;

to desire with expectation of obtainment or fulfillment, to expect with confidence;


In the past, I have always been averse to using the word HOPE. I was stuck on its definition as “to cherish a desire with anticipation”. I felt that by cherishing the desire, we held on to it for too long and it became something that might happen…if we are lucky. I preferred the word TRUST. It seemed to me that by trusting, we let go and allowed something or someone else to bring it forward. So, when Deidre Wilton ( announced the monthly theme of the meditation series which I am participating in as HOPE, I was perplexed. Being the adventurer that I am, (and having committed to and paid to participate in the entire meditation series), I decided to put my views aside and see where this took me. Of course, there are no mistakes and this led to some amazing realizations from the concept of HOPE. I needed to look deeper, beyond the first simple definition. My messages from Spirit, written directly after doing this meditation, were deep, and meaningful for this time in the Universe. Here they are, in order, from the mediation done once a week, three weeks in a row.

Hope Meditation Message #1


Bring that energy back with you

The energy of hope

The energy of love

The energy of peace

For combined as one they heal you and the world.

We are all part of the Universe.

We are all one in Light and Love.

The twinkling stars…specks in the sky,

single sparkles yet part of a constellation

Alone yet together. 


Hope Meditation Message #2

Hopes Wishes Dreams

Are they one and the same?

Peace is always paramount.  We hope for it, wish for it, and dream of it. We constantly seek it, and always find it in special moments. There is desire for those special moments to blend together as one continuous presence of peace. That desire is strong and all is possible, for peace resides within. In the depth of each soul is eternal peace.

You may feel that your bit of peace is too tiny to affect the Universe. But you are wrong, for all is one and one is all. Energy is felt and spreads, soul to soul. Each is part of the whole and the whole is felt within each. Let your peace reign. Feel it. Be it. Allow it to open you to the love that is always there for you. You are loved. You are loving. You are love.

Hope Meditation Message #3

Embrace the love and light that flows to you always from all sources. Let it enhance the love and light of you. Feel the freedom of letting it flow gently within, as it is the true being of you. Allow it to overflow, emanate out from you to the special beings in your life, and to those who cross your path. Let it be for them to accept, absorb, and emanate. And so it is that the love and light of the universe is ignited and will overtake and reign.

And so, it is. I feel now that hope and trust are the same, and/or work together as one. Trust takes over as hopes flow in our lives. No matter what, the energy of hope/trust ignites love and light, within first, and then spreads. And wow, do we need it in this world today.

What amazing messages and lessons for this time, as we say goodbye to 2023 and enter 2024. There will be many changes in the coming year, and I am ready to embrace them – in light and love, with hope/trust. As Maitreya says, “Let love light up the world and be the force of change!”

Thank you, Deidre, Star-Wise Clairvoyant Astrology, and the Star-Wise Galaxy meditation participants for your amazing energy.

©Linda Zeppa

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