Metaphysics – the Key to Unlock the Myth of Life

In the physical world, we humans see everything physically. We logically and habitually live our lives according to our five senses – seeing, smelling, tasting, touching and hearing. We often evaluate the quality of our lives based on what we have on a physical and material level. However, when our focus on life is only from the physical and material world, we are living our life from a perspective of survival. In order to survive, we humans easily get caught in the Darwinian evolutionary theory of “Survival of the fittest” since the lower Self part of us as earthly humans is from the animal kingdom. Our human history is filled with stories of wars fighting each other for power, control and dominance. So, no matter how advanced technologically, or how modernized our civilization has become, this survival instinct of the lower self continues to hold us back from the evolution of our higher self. As a result, we have gradually lost our purpose and reason why we are here in the physical world on Earth.

We are the sum total of our body, mind and spirit. We are here because there is a reason and a purpose; we are here because we are all on a journey of soul evolution through our chosen learning and experiencing of life in the physical and material world. The Earth Plane is the school of life, it is a place of continuous learning, not a destiny, nor a destination. Everything we have and everyone we meet in our life are all aspects of what we have chosen for our learning and experiencing in this incarnation. We “(You) are spiritual beings in the physical world, not a physical being” – Maitreya, from Maitreya Quotes App. The physical body is only a vehicle providing us the chance to experience the physical world to afford us the opportunity at attaining soul growth through our chosen life experiences. If we strip away the physical form, we are pure energy and consciousness. Therefore, the physical world and the physical being are only a small portion of our true existence. Unfortunately, our life on the earth plane is filled with challenges, hardships and difficulties which provide the classroom and curriculum for our learning. At some point in our lives we all experience struggles with earthly matters – money, relationships, health, career, etc. During these periods of our life, we tend to allow these matters to control our life and our own happiness as we drop into survival mode – our emotions for love, value, worth and security on a physical level control us. As we are struggling with our earthly existence, we gradually lose our sense of purpose and truth, and we forget that we are Spiritual beings in a physical body, not the other way around.

However, the divine spark is always residing deep within each of us, and it is always nudging us to search for the truth. This unseen energy contained within us is inspiring us to strive to find the connection to its origin outside ourselves, such as religion, science, philosophy, arts and Spirituality, etc. We need to remember, all roads lead to the same origin – the Divine source. However, because of lack of the understanding, we humans fight with each other to prove our own beliefs and truth without realizing that religion, Spirituality, philosophy, science, technology, arts, etc. are all valid and valuable to assist us to connect with the Divine source in our own unique way – the Energy of Life. We don’t need to fight with each other for our own beliefs and truth, we just need to open our minds to the energy of life. Once we understand that everything is energy – thoughts, words, feelings, emotions, beliefs, etc., and that we are all connected by the energy of life, and that we are all equally unique, yet inseparably interconnected, and realize that we are one, we can stop fighting, comparing, competing, controlling and trying to dominate each other.

We need to learn metaphysics. Life is all about energy, and metaphysics is about the energy of life. Metaphysics holds the key to understanding life and how to live our physical life on the Spiritual level. Metaphysics can help us to be humanely and collectively interconnected with each other regardless of our beliefs, colors, races and religions. Metaphysics provides the map to unlock the myth of who we truly are through our natal chart. The astrological natal chart is the blueprint of our personal connection, configuration and intimate relationship with the Universe. Only through this connection can we understand that we can all be unique, yet equal, and that we can live together in harmony, respect and peace on the Earth Plane.

Everything in life is an expression of energy in its unique form – our soul, physical body, mind, thought, word, emotion, color, sound, air, wind, stars, food, and more! Without energy, without life! It is impossible to be truly Spiritual without understanding the energy of life on a metaphysical level. It is impossible to stop fighting each other because of the differences in colors, races, nations, beliefs and cultures, etc. without understanding metaphysics. Without this knowledge and understanding, we have no comprehension that when we fight with another, we are fighting ourselves; when we hurt the other, we are hurting ourselves; when we destroy the other, we are destroying ourselves. Everything is energy, and everything is under the laws of metaphysics. What we give out, will come back to us equally. Therefore, we must ask ourselves, “What do we really want to create in our reality and with our life?”

Just imagine, if everyone on the earth plane had metaphysical knowledge to follow the energy flow of life and knew how to play with it, rather than follow the man-made rules set by society, government, religion, culture, dogma and conditioning; how different the world and life we create would be? I believe we would have a peaceful and harmonious world, but it is up to each one of us individually and collectively to create it as we are all interconnected and we are ONE.

Let go of our conditioned beliefs about religion, philosophy, Spirituality and being Spiritual, be open to learn metaphysics and apply the metaphysical knowledge to your daily life. Live your life to its full potential. You will be amazed how far you can go in your Spiritual advancement and how much enlightenment you can attain, and how wonderful your life can become!