Mind Body Spirit

You’ve probably heard it said that this life is “an illusion”, a “dream”, and that we are here in physical form for one reason and one reason only, and that is to learn our lessons, to heal and evolve? It’s an illusion because our only true home is in God. But while we’re here in the physical world, as Maitreya taught  we’ve been given energy to work with, so that we can heal and become enlightened. How cool is that?!

I’m a firm believer in ‘Mind Body Spirit’ – the three are integral to our lives. It’s like the Holy Trinity – three in One! The thoughts in our minds affect our bodies, and Spirit holds everything together and sees us through this complicated thing we call life! I’m going to consider the three components:-


Journaling, or ‘writing my diary’ which I’ve done since I was a teenager, is an excellent way to process our thoughts and feelings, and a great way to keep a check on what’s going on in our minds on a regular basis. If ever you’re feeling confused, it helps to write it down.

I usually write my diary first thing in the morning, before I get up. Over the years I’ve discovered my best inspiration comes to me first thing in the morning, often so quickly that I have to scrabble around for a pen and paper! Some days I’m brimming with ideas but on others, if I’m not, I simply write my thoughts and feelings about what’s happening in my life – it always helps to get it out of one’s head onto paper.

Margaret and Maitreya were the first to introduce me to the concept of our ego being our Lower Self and how to distinguish its thoughts – the endless chatter – from the messages we receive from Spirit, our Higher Self. I remember Margaret first explaining it – I was incredulous that our ego had an agenda of its own! And I’ve since had the experience that my ego doesn’t like me exploring my mind and connecting to Spirit, our egos want to keep us stuck on the Earth plane!


There was I, back in the 90s, an enthusiastic spiritual seeker, reading everything I could lay my hands on to explain the unknown …  the “Great Mystery”. I’d practised Buddhism for a few years and attending Margaret’s metaphysics courses really opened my eyes and mind to amazing possibilities. Since then I’ve listened to my thoughts and have learnt to distinguish the two thought sources; I’ve come to know my thoughts and have learnt not to be ruled by my ego’s beliefs anymore but to listen to Spirit’s guidance.

It took lots of listening and distinguishing the two sources, plus me trusting that I would one day succeed in making the distinction. Inspiration and messages from Spirit always come to me from a certain angle, above my head. That sounds odd now I’ve written it, but it’s how it seems to me! And it will be different for everyone, because thoughts can’t be actually placed in a physical place!

So, do we really understand the spiritual connection to our Higher Self / to Spirit? In the early days of my seeking I didn’t, even though Margaret taught us how to channel, I found it hard to trust what I was being given. But that early training stood me in good stead and I slowly gained confidence and realised that Spirit was really talking to me – communicating telepathically – dropping words into my mind, initially for me to give readings for others but now all the time, and how exciting was that to discover!

Trusting Spirit and my new-found skills was a challenge and like any new skill needed practise. People used to encourage me by saying, “Just trust”, but it took sometime to really understand it for myself, and now I can hear telepathic messages from Spirit, especially in answer to a question I’ve asked.

As it says in The Bible, “Ask and it shall be given you.” Many spiritual seekers have understood that to mean only for manifesting physical things in the world, but Spirit will answer all of your questions – even giving us more “time” in our day if we need it! Some books on manifesting are all about getting what we think we want in the world – usually big houses and cars and although there’s nothing wrong with that, they won’t ultimately give us peace.

Holy Spirit is the Voice for God and the link to our Divinity – Spirit gently guides us to awaken. I think it’s the easiest of the three Mind Body Spirit elements because in the long term it turns out to be the easiest, and it’s so amazing that you’ll just want to do it more and more, all through the day. In A Course in Miracles, Jesus teaches that we can “ask” for every single decision we make, even the smallest, because Spirit will always set us straight, and if we rely on our own decisions we are likely to make ego-led mistakes.


On the Earth plane, in these restrictive physical bodies, it is super important that we maintain our health and have a good level of fitness so we’re in the best of health to study mind-training and practice our spiritual connection. Therefore, having regular energy healings is an important way to look after the Body part of this much-used phrase – Mind Body Spirit!

Once learnt, I think the Spirit element is the easiest because who hasn’t sneaked a piece of candy or chocolate today? Even though you knew you didn’t really want to because it was unhealthy?! Who hasn’t done enough exercise? Well, me, that’s for sure! This is why I find the Body element reasonably hard to remain disciplined in. There’s a lot of temptation out there!

And, also for me, the Mind element means regular study, practise and catching my thoughts all the time so I don’t lose my (usually good!) temper and become irritable with my loved ones – especially hard during the Lockdown when we’re living in such close quarters!  I recall Maitreya teaching us, “Don’t react” … it’s easier to say than do!

Three in One!

I hope you’re managing to enjoy some mindfulness, that you’re eating healthily, getting some daily exercise, and connecting to your Higher Self at every opportunity – and that you’re getting as much joy out of this practice as I do!

All this leads to remembering Who We Really Are. That we are not separate from God but while experiencing physicality we use what we can in the world to undo our ego beliefs, learn to hear Spirit and evolve!

Keep holding the Light!

With love, as ever