Mirrors And Lessons
by Jean Luo

We are all mirrors and teachers for each other. No one is excluded or immune from this reality. Why is that? It is because the Earth Plane is a school of life, and we are here attending it for soul evolution. Our learning and experiencing happens through our interaction with each other individually and collectively. Therefore, everyone is our very own mirror, reflecting something within us that we need to look at and learn from. However, the learning is never easy because the “SELF/EGO” part of mankind on the Earth Plane will do everything in its power to keep the reflection that is right in front of us out of focus.

No matter how highly evolved or how spiritual one maybe, when one incarnates on the Earth Plane, one inherits the Self-energy as part of the physical. This energy is native to the Earth Plane. So, if you are here on the Earth Plane, you have Self. With the existence of the Self, there will be a constant battle between the Self and the Higher Self-energy which originated from the higher spiritual planes. The Self lives for survival. It strives for control, dominance, superiority and is driven by fear, insecurity, victim mentality and all sorts of ‘negative’ emotions. It is our emotions that control our thoughts, thinking, action, reaction, decision making and choices; it is our emotions that prevent us from seeing the purpose of our earthly existence clearly. In other words, our human life on the earth plane is controlled by the illusion of our human emotions. One of phenomena I have observed from politicians, to governments, to individual citizens, is the art of playing the victim, and pointing fingers at each other to blame everyone but themself for their own issues and problems. Their emotions are created and manipulated by the SELF/EGO to prevent them from seeing that they are the cause and root of the situation, not others. The learning experience has been setup by the Universe for their learning only to be sabotaged by the SELF/EGO through their emotional triggers!  Remember, everyone and everything around us are our mirrors and teachers!

The most important lesson we are here to learn is to master our emotional body where all our emotions are stored. Whenever we are controlled by our emotion, we tend to take everything personally and emotionally, and we are wrapped in the illusion of emotion and unable to see anyone, anything, or any situation objectively as it truly is. We get trapped in an endless loop of drama which causes up to lose focus and perspective about the real purpose of our incarnation on the Earth Plane. Thus, learning emotional detachment is the first and the most important lesson we are here to learn, but it is also the hardest one to learn. When we are highly charged with emotion, we are controlled by our Self. If we want to attain soul growth, we must learn emotional detachment. Raising our vibration comes from letting go of fear, doubt, pain, hurt, jealousy, anger, frustration, and all of the negative emotions. Where do we start? We start by raising our awareness about our own life, life situation and people in our life.

Whoever in our life or whomever we encounter is a teacher and a mirror for us; whatever we experience is an opportunity for our learning and growth. Therefore, being aware of mirrors and teachers in our life is one of the most direct ways to learn emotional detachment. If we emotionally detach and become more of an observer of our situation rather than an emotional catalyst, our life lessons and the big picture will come into focus. This will allow us to understand and embrace the experience from the perspective of what the mirror is trying to show us. It will allow us to look within and see the issue rather than getting lost in the emotions of the Self. When we detach and let go of fear, doubt, pain, hurt, jealousy, anger, frustration, and all of the negative emotions rather than lashing out or blaming someone else, we truly are raising your vibration and consciousness. We often tend to look for solutions to our problems and issues externally or somewhere else and as a result we are blind to see what is right in front of us. If you simply look in the mirror at yourself as you relate and react to people, situations, and the environment you live in, you will be surprised by what you can learn from it.

What aggravates you? Who makes you emotional? Why are you so angry or upset by someone or something? What situations are you fearful of? What or who always creates a strong negative reaction from you?  Whom and what do you fear the most? Why do you have difficulty letting go of someone or something? Ask yourself these questions, they will provide you with so much valuable information. You must be completely truthful and honest with yourself. By doing so, you will be able to find the answers to these emotional responses and reactions from within. Remember, all our emotional reactions to the external world, no matter whether it is a person or a situation, is simply a mirror reflecting what lies within ourselves. Instead of always reacting negatively towards the person or the situation, ask yourself what the person, or the situation is trying to show you? The more we do this, the faster we can move into a place of understanding and acceptance of our mirrors and teachers, and ultimately move forward in vibration. Often the people we react intensely with are our best friends in the world of spirit who have chosen to come to help us to learn our hardest lessons, or to pay our karmic debt, or to release and let go of the past life energy so that we can grow spiritually. We are often unaware that this is happening to us, unaware that the Self is hanging on to these emotions to prevent us from moving forward in vibration and consciousness.

Look around, everyone is a teacher and a mirror for us; every situation and happening is an opportunity for us to work through our karma, release past life energy and learn a chosen life lesson or lessons. There are no accidents!

Next time when you are in a very emotional situation, don’t run away, don’t blame anyone or anything, instead, face it and embrace it, you will find that the more you do so, the easier and faster you will resolve the issue.

“The true balance of spirituality on the earth plane is to have no emotional body, but to have compassion without becoming involved in the situation.”Maitreya Quotes App