It is a mind boggling to know that only ten percent of our brain is working on the conscious level and ninety percent of it is operating subconsciously. To put it more bluntly, we operate most of our life from an unconscious perspective. Our thoughts, words, emotions, feelings, and experiences since birth, both in this life and in all our past incarnations, are all recorded and stored in our deep subconscious/unconscious soul memory. It is from these memories that our beliefs, habits, conditioning and behaviors are stored and reinforced over and over throughout our incarnations. In many ways, the subconscious and unconscious deal with all the same tasks – memory, habits, thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors, etc. The difference between them is that the memories that are stored in the subconscious can be retrieved or recalled if we focus our attention onto them, but the memories that are stored in the unconscious are “out of reach” of our consciousness. Unfortunately, they are the source of all the programs such as thought processes, repressed traumas and past life experiences, etc. that our subconscious and unconscious use to dictate our conscious.

Everything is energy – thought, word, emotion, feeling, belief, habit, past experiences, etc. As such, each of us has chosen to incarnate on the Earth Plane to work on clearing all the repressed and trapped energies from our deep subconscious soul memories. The truth is, if we want to change our life and evolve to the soul who we truly are, or who we are truly meant to be at a core level, we will have to work on these deep buried energies from our deep subconscious/unconscious. These repressed thoughts, feelings, emotions, past experiences and memories are usually hard to recall under normal conditions. However, as we raise our vibration, or with the assistance of those who carry higher spiritual healing energy through their work, such as past life regression, hypnotherapy, guided deep meditation, various healing modalities, we can bring these deep repressed energies to the conscious level to be dealt with. Of course, since we have had so many incarnations, our subconscious/unconscious memories are vast, deep and complicated, and it is impossible to resolve all of them through a few meditations, past life regressions or spiritual healings. It is a life-long task that is difficult, and it takes not only time and perseverance, but requires constant awareness, discipline, and patience. It is a hard road and not easy at all; or is it?! Yes, it is in a way. However, the first step is understanding how the Universe works and not to get discouraged by it at all. Our subconscious/unconscious is not as modern psychology has defined as “out of reach” or an area that cannot be known by the conscious mind. So, how can I easily access it you may ask? As always, the Universe has provided each of us the means to get into our subconscious/unconscious – MIRRORS.

Recently I was guided to get deeper into the subject of subconscious/unconscious, and I had a lot discussion with Alan, especially while we were walking in the nature around our neighborhood. One day it just came to me that our deep subconscious/unconscious mind is not “out of reach” or in a place that cannot be deliberately brought to the surface. On the contrary, our deep subconscious/unconscious mind is trying to communicate with us all the time on the conscious level through our interaction with others in our daily mundane lives through mirroring certain aspects or traits of individuals we interact with.

Each of us is a student attending the school of life on the Earth Plane. Our friends, lovers, partners, colleagues, co-workers, families and even complete strangers, are all the teachers in this school. We have chosen them before we were born to be a part of our life because they can teach us the most valuable life lessons and assist us to work through our past life issues, energies and karma so that we can attain soul growth and eventually graduate from this school of life on the Earth plane. We choose the souls who can either be our life teachers or mirrors to reflect whatever is hidden in our deep subconscious/unconscious. Through interacting with them, their thoughts, words, conditioning, emotions, habits, beliefs, and behaviors are acting as a mirror to reflect for us what is buried deep within ourselves. They are showing us what we cannot see or wish not to see. What we do not like in them or what aspects of them that annoy us, are the parts of us that we need to work on. We are all mirrors for each other. Their existence in our life is to assist us to know ourselves fully and intimately. If we live alone or choose to isolate ourselves, can we ever come to know ourselves? They are in our lives to bring us face to face with all the deep issues that need our attention, all the unrecognized and unloved aspects of ourselves that we have been avoiding or running away from for many incarnations. They are offering us the opportunity to work on whatever they are trying to show us through mirroring. I can hear so many of you say, “No, I am not like him/her; no, that is not me.” Yes, we may not be like them at all in this life on the conscious level, but I can assure you that there is a part of us that they are trying to show us, and it is buried deep within our subconscious/unconscious and it is still actively controlling and manipulating our thoughts, beliefs, habits and behaviors in our day to day lives, and that is why we have conflict with those who are mirroring us, and that is why we are constantly annoyed, irritated and reacting to them. If we didn’t have the issues that they are showing us, we would not react to them emotionally or negatively. Our feelings, emotions, thoughts, words, beliefs, habits and behaviors have to come from somewhere, and they often are from our deep subconscious/unconscious. Only when we have dealt with the issues or aspects they are showing us, will the mirrors disappear, either they move away from our lives, or the energy between those who are acting as our mirrors will be shifted positively, and the negativity will no longer be there, instead, it will be replaced with love, support, understanding, respect, cooperation and harmony. You will simply have pure acceptance of them.

For example, a man has great potential to evolve to a much higher level of vibration, however, the only issue that holds him back is that he has a tendency to judge, despite his kindness and good heart. He has been carrying this issue for a few incarnations and it has become a habit or his conditioning. Thus, he has chosen to learn the lesson of nonjudgment as his main life lesson in this incarnation. He has chosen to be born into a family where he is surrounded with judgmental people. He is often inevitably irritated by those people’s judgmental words, actions, emotions and behaviors, and they can easily invoke a strong emotional reaction within him although he does not throw his emotions back to them directly. He wonders why these people are so judgmental and cannot see the truth. This is going on within him and it has disturbed his peace of his mind until one day, he asks himself, “Why am I reacting to their words, behaviors, habits and the way they live? What are they trying to show me and teach me? What do I need to learn from them?” he has realized that these people are mirroring for him what he needs to deal with from deep within himself. It is his issue! He cannot control those people’s words, actions, emotions and behaviors because that is who they are and where they are at this moment. However, he reacts to them because he judges them out of love with his own beliefs. As long as he is judging, he will be reacting till he stops judging and simply accepts them as what they are and who they are unconditionally. Then, and only then, can he finally reach inner peace.

I have chosen to learn to be softer in this incarnation. I was born into a dysfunctional family – a high demanding and strict father, sick mother and four siblings whom almost have nothing in common with me. I have grown up in a harsh cultural environment and experienced the ordeals of the Chinses Cultural Revolution. I grew up through hardship and struggle and it has built my toughness. As such, I have difficulties being around people who like to complain, rather than take action and whom I consider weak, cowardly and timid. I often have strong emotional reactions to movies and TV shows whenever there is someone who is acting weak, stupid or vulnerable. In the beginning, I was not able to tolerate it, and I acted angrily and shouted out at the TV, “why do they do that? It is stupid, bla, bla, bla.” I kept reacting with anger and agitation like a dog with a bone, till one day, I asked myself, “Why do I react? What are they trying to show me?” As I asked, I was given the answer while I was sitting quietly. I finally realized that they were all mirrors for what I needed to learn and to deal with from within. They were showing me a deep part of me that is unkind, harsh, and has a lack of understanding and compassion. They were providing me the opportunities to learn total acceptance, compassion, kindness, gentleness and to have a softer disposition. This realization has really enabled me to see everyone as a mirror and prompted me to make radical change. Once I had the realization, I was determined to make change and not to react negatively. Then, only then, have I stopped reacting. The irony is that once I chose not to react, the shows and movies that I watch no longer bother me as if the mirrors have disappeared in front of me!

Our subconscious/unconscious is constantly communicating with our conscious in many ways; mirroring is one of them. All we need to do is to be aware and to pay close attention to its message. Basically, anything or anyone we react to emotionally, it is a signal from our subconscious/unconscious. It is showing us what we need to be aware of, and where we need to make change. Thus, instead of continually reacting, blaming others, or our situation, we need to stop for a moment, take a deep breath and then ask ourselves, “why do I react? What are they trying to show me or tell me? What do I need to be aware of or to learn from them?” Once we ask, we will be given the answer and know what it is. The answers are all within us. Once we have the answer, then we have the choice to make change or not to make change. The Universe is always on our side assisting, guiding and leading us to make change. Once we have made the change, the mirror will eventually disappear! It is our responsibility to make a conscious effort. It takes time, it requires attention, awareness, determination, focus, discipline, patience and perseverance, but slowly and surely, we will shift the mirror and raise our vibration to higher level of consciousness.