One thing I have changed is my view towards accepting modern medical treatment. When I consciously chose to begin my soul journey, I truly believed that I could heal myself by practicing spiritual healing without going to see a medical doctor. I have been practicing this since 2005. I did not have medical and dental insurance since I had quit my medical research job 10 years ago. Recently, in the U.S., I was required to sign up for our new health care law, which many have come to call Obama-Care. Whenever I had a pain or flue-like symptom, I always healed myself by practicing self-healing and using herbs, crystals, colors, sound and flower essences along with meditation and affirmations. It had been working well for me until I went to India.

While I was in India, my teeth fell apart due to past life energy coming to the surface. Alan followed his intuition and urged me to see the dentist. I became very angry and resisted it because I felt I should be able to heal myself. Maitreya talked to me and confirmed that I needed the dental treatment. I ended up having the dental treatments twice a week for almost two months! I needed two implants, three crowns, and they had to build up my left bottom gum bone. Because of the extensive dental treatment, I was able to clear in a short period of time a huge amount of old and stagnant past life energy in the most efficient way. I can’t imagine how long it would have taken me to release all this energy without the massive dental treatment I elected to have in India. The energy has been trapped in my teeth and their related physical organs for quite a few past lives and I was never able to get rid of it. The dental treatment has helped me enormously to clear this large, intensive and deep past life energy in a very short time.

Alan had an angry big toe when we were in India. Just as my teeth problem, so was his big toe, It had serious inflammation caused by the past life energy coming to the surface. He had to go to hospital to get antibiotics for it because it became too bad. It took him more than six months to heal it till the past life energy was cleared. When Margaret’s right calf and ankle area was becoming red and inflamed, we knew she was clearing some very deep energy. But we did not know she was in a very critical and serious situation until someone wrote on her FB fan page that it looked like Cellulitis. Thank Alan for paying attention to that message and following his intuition to take Margaret immediately to the hospital. We thought it might be a simple medical treatment but as soon as we were in the hospital, she was admitted in the hospital for a 5-day intensive antibiotic treatment. We were very lucky to get her in hospital on time because it was a very serious situation.

From all these experiences, I am convinced that modern medical treatment is as important as alternative healing in our spiritual development.

The physical body is the outlet of energy from our Etheric body. When the trapped past life energy or subconscious unused energy is released through our physical body, we may experience it in different ways and on different levels. We can experience intensive emotions, mental stress and physical disease, etc. Sometimes it can be very intense and overwhelm us due to the quantity and quality of the energy coming to the surface; it can also last different lengths of time based on the past life situation. We often can dissipate it by simply allowing it to come to the surface, or through crying, writing, physical exercising and using different alternative healing modalities. However, when some very deep and intensive old and stagnant energy comes to the surface, it can affect our health and wellbeing. If this happens, we should not hesitate in going to see the medical doctor and getting professional medical treatment. As always, do not let your conditioned perceptions stop you from seeking modern medical help, for it can play its role in our spiritual development and it can certainly help us get better.  Our intuition and inner knowing should be our guidance.