Motivation vs. Desire

Motivation Innocence VS Desire and being in peace with God

Without desire you can’t achieve anything. Desire is God’s action in you. It is impossible to progress or express life without some form of desire.”

Ascended Master St Germain.

So, when desire as a motive can turn wrong?

I have Motivation Innocence in my personality side of Quantum design and Desire as transference motivation, color 6. When I act from desire, being motivated by any of the desired outcomes, then I am acting from not-self or ego-self. I am in transference.

Only when I act from the state of the Stillness, (I have juxtaposition, fixed, bridged Incarnation Cross of Stillness), of non wanting, doing, hoping, controlling, initiating, I’m acting from the pure state of peace. Peace is a Manifestor’s quantum signature.

My personality Sun is in the gate of 52 Keeping Still, The Gate of Stillness, temporary and self-imposed in action for the benefit of assessment. This gate is line 4 design, color 6 innocence and tone 6 acceptance. This gate is a home for my Jupiter and Saturn in conjunction in my natal 12th house in Libra.

Saturn is exalted here, perfected in self-discipline and restraint, wise, and temptation free. I see this Saturn as a father figure in a judge’s robe holding a justice scale and a watch. The voice of wisdom and reasoning. Saturn represents El Morya, Ascended Master of the First Ray, dedicated to the Will of God.

But my Jupiter here showing my highest purpose, feels somehow restrained. Jupiter always has desires, wants, he amplifies exaggeration, and expansion. He wants to act in the name of justice and bring righteousness into the world (Libra archetype). Jupiter is responsive to the need for control here, against his true nature. He always doubts and gives restlessness because he is challenged by restraint of older and wiser Saturn. My obligation, according to this placement, is to service, stillness, and demands. Jupiter represents Ascended Master Saint Germain, and I can hear in my mind his discourse on “Divine Desire” and chants of “I am the God’s desire”, showing the importance of innocence as a motive. Yes, desire is good but only if it comes from the highest source – God’s will.

Let’s not mix human’s appetite/ hunger for something of pure desire to be in peace with our higher self.

This energy circuit is logical, and I can contemplate on this subject with my heart – (Sun in the 9th house Cancer) and mind (Mercury retrograde in 9th house Gemini), but to actually live this Stillness without resistance, it’s hard. My Sun squares Jupiter and Saturn, and my biggest obstacle was, and still is, to be still. Being in peace and not wanting, not needing, not thinking, not philosophizing, not arguing, not desiring. My biggest fear is being unaccomplished, and being stagnant is so opposite to my true nature of being a Manifestor and Initiator in Quantum design.

My whole life was conditioned by 3D matrix’s need of being productive, on top of everything, always under pressure of becoming someone. That pressure of society is my biggest lesson in this incarnation.

My ego self is strong, and almost uncompromising. There is a strong desire for mind projected perfect outcome. And I can see this struggle in many years yet to come.

In my teachings, I always highlight the thesis of Awareness as a first step in becoming one with our true- self.

So, with the Saturn’s passage to the Pisces (spiritual, Christ consciousness) and Pluto’s passage to Aquarius (oneness, transcendence, New age), I feel the perfect timing of accepting the wisdom of my teachers: Jupiter and Saturn’s energy translated in guidance of El Morya and Saint Germain, and let myself be still. To be in peace. To be enough. Enough being me. Here. Now.

And the key to this awareness is: Acceptance.

Acceptance of Stillness is my only road to my signature: Peace. Peace with God.