How was your ride through the Lunar Eclipse, the Cardinal Grand Cross, the Solar Eclipse and the Mars Retrograde that we all just got to experience? I know personally, mine really brought a lot of major issues to the surface that I was forced to confront and act upon. Even though it was a very tumultuous and painful experience, it produced a lot of clarity, growth and understanding.

How can pain and turmoil bring clarity, you might ask? Simply put, it’s all about surfing the energy with as much understanding and knowledge as possible, because without these perspectives you will just relive the past life energy that you are suppose to be learning from. Even with knowledge, understanding, perseverance and perspective, your Self will use every emotional tool in its bag to derail you and thwart your true destiny path.

If you’re familiar with Maitreya’s Words of Wisdom, we always need to be aware that we spend 85% of our current life playing out past life circumstances and emotions. Most people are not aware that the souls we are playing out the emotions with are those closest to us. We are trying to fit our current family and friends and how we perceive them into their current life roles, when in actuality, the energy they are exhibiting is the energy from a past life or lives that we are trying to learn from in this incarnation.

You may ask, but why would we do that? The reason is because they are here to assist us and us to assist them to bring out the energy from the past life, so we can all look at it and deal with it. You didn’t deal with it in that life, so you are here to replay the record. This is the only way to move forward. The Self aspect of ourselves has access to all our past life memories, so when the learning scenarios start to play out, the Self tries to protect us through our emotions, via all the past life memories and connections.

What triggers these scenarios? Our lessons, or should we call them junk, from past lifetimes that we need to learn from are triggered through our natal astrological makeup and its constant interaction with the current astrological configurations at this point in time.

So what motivates our actions? It isn’t because we are the smartest or savviest person on the block, as our ego might try to convince us; it is all driven by our energy interacting with the ever-changing energy of the cosmos. This may sound far fetched to some of you, but I guarantee you, if you ever get to experience a group past life scenario re-playing itself out with the same group of people in your present life, you will be gob-smacked at the perfection of the Universe.

This month, I was fortunate enough to be involved in a perfectly choreographed past life experience that unexpectedly played out. It was deep, it was intense, and many more adjectives could be added and I would still not be able to fully describe the experience adequately. It affected first hand, Margaret, Jean, Ratna and myself all living under the same roof and playing our existing roles in this lifetime. Then, with the intensity of the energy of all the astrological configurations in play, the Universe triggered the energy from the roles we each played in the prior lifetime.

It impacted us all to the core of our existence. It affected Margaret to the depth of her being, as she has been writing about on Facebook. What really brought clarity to me was what happened when she reached out for assistance to someone external to our immediate group? We were all right in the middle of what I would term to be ground zero of a painful, heart-wrenching sudden and unexpected traumatic experience. This energy was a catalyst to expose the complicity we each had played in the past life adventure that was now playing out again, but with each of us acting in a different role to the present. Emotions such as betrayal and trust were being tested, and boundaries relating to societal structures were being stretched to there breaking point.

As painful as it was, as the picture unfolded, the past life events came into focus. Even with the specificity and clarity of the events of the past life and the roles each of us played, we all struggled mightily to overcome the emotional energy that our Selves threw at us to torment and stop us on a soul level. Through the entanglement of the emotions, our Self tries to keep us in ignorance and fear of the energy that is trying so desperately to come to the surface to be faced and dealt with. The Higher Self yearns for detachment from the emotions so the soul can learn and grow, the Self seduces you into running away from the opportunity rather than finally face the energy that it has had tucked away for many incarnations. Facing this experience and releasing the deep wound would be helpful in your soul evolution, but to the Self it is too painful to face.

But, this external savior, unbeknownst to them, is naively introduced into the drama and with love in their heart they are going to try and save the day and make the pain and sorrow for one of the participants go away. They conjure up a scheme to send a lifeboat to save this person from the betrayal and pain that the Self is cruelly confronting this person with. The Self is saying “Run, run….., you don’t deserve this…..You can start over!!!!”

Now, you don’t think this person was contacted by accident do you? What brought them into this person’s mind during this period of extreme pain and heartache? Why them? What motivated them to react the way they did? Once contacted, their good intentions seduced the Self of the individual in distress. Neither party was aware that another layer of energy from this past life was being triggered. Ironically, this supposed liberator was in fact one of the culprits that exacerbated this whole mess of past life energy in the past life that was unfolding. The lifeboat from this distant island was carrying the same energy from the past life that created this predicament for the damsel in distress. Why would the Universe be so cruel as to set the situation up again?

Welcome to how the Universe tests you on your lessons. Thankfully, this person in the midst of their despair didn’t take the well-intentioned lifeline, because if they had, their destiny path would have been thwarted no matter how well intentioned the gesture was.

In this particular past life, I had made a choice that changed the destiny path of all of us currently playing out this little scenario, that’s why we’re all back to try again. So, thanks Honey! You are a beautiful soul and we all thank you for having the strength and fortitude to fend off the enticing offer to take the lifeboat to the distant island. Your Self had already booked your passage, but your Higher Self knew it was time to force the Self to face the music, so you could move on with your destiny path.

Again I ask, what motivates you to do things? I wager that 99.9%, if not 100% of the time, it is past life related. Ask yourself what scenario is playing out, is it karmic, a life lesson, or does your Self just have you recycling past life energy to avert the karmic or life lesson? Thinking about the answers to these questions will assist you to understand your motivations. Try and dive to the depth of your soul, it may be dark and scary, but it is yours; it’s about time you started to own it and learn from it rather than run from it.

I had another couple of growth points arise this month. One was to assist an individual financially. It just popped into my mind unexpectedly. This is usually my sign that it is the Higher Self, and not an emotional reaction of the Self. I further asked myself, are my emotions of wanting to assist this individual overriding some lesson that this individual needs to learn, and are my actions possibly impeding them from a growth experience? I chose to assist even though money isn’t falling from the trees for me right now.

The second thing I did was somewhat painful, I chose to de-friend on Facebook, someone very near and dear to my heart. We no longer communicate, and I know my Self was utilizing this social media platform to keep tabs on them rather than break the bond. We each have a journey of learning to travel, and without the break we would just be recycling past life energy. I do feel if we both learn what we need to learn on our journeys that we may reunite. Is it wishful thinking of the Self, or trust in the Universe by the Higher Self? Only time will tell!

Two people were walking down the road and they came to a fork in the road. The left fork said Love-fest 1 mile, bring your emotions and have a good time as the roller coaster ride never ends; the right fork said Past Life-fest with no mileage marker, the sign said, “Grab your soul and hang on because it is going to be a hell of a ride.”

How’s your journey? Is it a Love-fest or a Past Life-fest? What is really motivating YOU!!