We are currently in a time of massive energy shifts, downloads, changes and endings, and many people are reeling from what life is presenting to them.  2017 is a Number 1 Year in a 9 Year Cycle. Therefore, this year has been all about planning and preparation for what you can accomplish, do and evolve into over the next 8 years.  What it is always so important to remember in times of great change, is that you arrived in this lifetime with a plan – your Natal Chart – which is the blue print to what you have chosen to learn, experience, be and feel in this lifetime.  Therefore, there are NO mistakes and NO accidents.

So, if you, like so many other people out there, are being faced at this time with massive upheavals in your life, please do understand that these things are part of your soul’s journey in this lifetime.  These events whether inspiring or challenging are your initiations into a better life – even if they don’t feel that way right now.  Also for many of you, if you were to be completely honest with yourselves, the writing has been on the wall for quite some time – you just either didn’t want to read it, or you chose to ignore it.  Therefore, as this Number 1 year of planning and preparation comes to an end, and if you have not seen or read the signs, the Universe will take over and the proverbial rug will be ripped out from under your feet.

For so long as you allow the fear of change to control you and direct your life, you can constantly find yourself in victim mode – feeling like you have no control over what happens to you and that everything around you is happening to make you suffer.

The sooner we can all understand that there is no power in being the victim of ANYTHING or ANYONE in our lives, and that everything that happens, happens for a reason, the sooner we can and will find our peace, power and happiness in this lifetime.

Remember you chose all of these initiations and changes in your life, before you were born.  You did this so as your soul could evolve, and so you could become stronger, more aware, more spiritually connected and ultimately, so you could find true peace and belief in yourself in every way.

With Jupiter now firmly in Scorpio we are going deep within to remove all and any obstacles that encourage us to stay in victim mode.  We are being encouraged to find our own personal power and to use this for our highest good in every way.  And so of course this will involve letting go, changes and new awarenesses.  And it’s all OK.  Even if it doesn’t feel OK right now, I can assure you that if you can just allow yourself to go with the flow, to rise up from defeat and to open yourself up to change – great things will happen for you.

So, let go – trust in the flow and accept that change is ALWAYS for your highest good.  Blessings xox