It’s hard to believe that Margaret transitioned to the “Other Side of Veil” as she would call it a year ago. We, Jean, Korinne, Ratna and I have all continued to move forward on our respective journeys as individuals and a group. Margaret’s passing shortly after our return to the Seattle from India was completely unexpected, but at least we were back in familiar surroundings. The outpouring of support from around the world brought so much joy, love and strength into our energy. She had touched so many people from so many cultures and countries through her teaching and open sharing of her life. People could just relate to her as being no different from them as she faced the same issues on a daily basis as each and every one of them did. Her gift of medium-ship brought us Maitreya and all the timeless writings and videos, which define the roadmap to your own Mastership through Astrology, Past Life Energy, Karma and Life Lessons.

I’m reminded of my first course of teaching with Margaret/Maitreya in Australia in 2004 when Maitreya congratulated me on facing many obstacles on my soul journey to make the trip to the course. I remember him saying, “We in our world weren’t sure you’d make it, but here you are.” Little did I know that that was just the beginning of facing many personal obstacles that the self had, and still does place in my path to hinder me from moving forward on my path towards self-awareness. Ironically, the hardest part of Margaret’s passing was that the journey continues, but I no longer have her, her love, her strength, or Maitreya at my disposal on a physical level anymore. In some respects, they had become my comfort zone, just like training wheels on a bicycle, which needed to be taken off for the next steps of my soul journey to begin. I can still feel them around me, but the notion of waking up next to Margaret, or talking to Maitreya over breakfast vanished in a flash.

I think back to an early morning conversation with Margaret just before we left India to head back to Seattle. She said, “Maitreya has told me the current financial difficulties we are facing are your lessons related to your learning, not mine.” I didn’t fully comprehend what she was saying at the time, but with her abrupt passing less than a month later, it became clear that she was freeing me up to move forward to face the next steps in my development. In hindsight, it is not difficult to see, but it is a little hard to accept. The Self has had a joyful time saying she abandoned you, left you out in the cold, but as easy as it is to get caught up in the emotions of poor me, I know it is not true.

Maitreya had also discussed with me during this same period of time that I still had unfinished business with a former business partner that would need to be addressed to allow me to move forward. During my 14 years with Margaret, she was the focal point and anytime I had other commitments it made it very difficult to balance things. Margaret carried the energy of Maitreya and to do this she was very sensitive, anxious and vulnerable to any tension around her. So it was difficult for her when my attention wasn’t 100% on trying to keep things in balance with her. If you look at her astrological makeup, Cancer on the mid-heaven provided the sensitivity for her metaphysical gifts, but her Moon in Leo also tied her emotions to her being the focus. As hard as it is to accept, for me to move forward with my lessons, she departed.

Ironically, today before I began writing this, I received this quote on my Facebook timeline: “Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the façade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.” – Adyashanti

The quote was quite appropriate as I reflect on my time with Margaret. She was the epitome of being just a normal person who was also an extraordinary Spiritual Medium. We were the beneficiaries of all the knowledge Maitreya gave us through her, but at the end of the day, she was also just a soul on her journey of personal development. I have to laugh as I remember a time in the Netherlands when a young lady stopped by our exhibit after Margaret had completed a channeling to about 250 people. The lady told me she had flown over from England just to see the channeling and I asked her if she wanted to talk with Margaret. She was dumbfounded that Margaret would even give her the time. I can still remember what Margaret said to her, “I am just like you, I put my nickers on every morning just like you do.” That was Margaret!

I was fortunate to get to spend these last 14 years with her and experience her work with Maitreya and to also watch her as she was confronted with her own personal learning on a soul level. Maitreya would often remind me that life is not about fame and fortune, but about releasing trapped energy contained in our soul memory from past incarnations. These last few years I had a front row seat as Margaret was confronted with some soul searching experiences that were painful to watch, but she accepted them as the lessons and experiences she chose to learn through on her evolutionary path. In the end, she saw through the illusion, accepted it, detached from it, and went home.

I know she has definitely moved forward and now it is time for me to move forward without the training wheels. Thanks honey, I miss you! Ironically I just received my Maitreya Wisdom Card for the day…. The Journey (LOL)