I’d been wandering aimlessly through my years on this earth searching for my life’s purpose until I stumbled upon Margaret McElroy and her spiritual center. As a student of Maitreya, not only did I receive assistance but also was informed of the direction in which to begin my journey.

Once my drawing abilities expanded and came to a point where one could actually recognize the person in my sketches, I was asked by Margaret to draw Maitreya. I was honored to be asked but I also felt immediate pressure to produce a perfect portrait. This pressure of course I placed on myself. Ego had stepped in saying “Oh you can’t do that!” and “This is big! What if you don’t get it right?”

I mean this was my teacher from spirit for crying out loud. I needed to do him justice. Also at this time I still had confidence issues with drawing. It’s one thing to know what your gift is but quite another thing to fully step into your abilities. That, of course, took a little time.

I stomped my foot, pulled up my so called “bootstraps” and told myself I was going to do it and that it would be just as it needed to be. In fact, I decided that I would draw it the next day.

Of course it never fails that life interrupts plans. My husband needed to go to downtown Seattle and drop off something for work. He wanted me to go along. Now when he asked me to go, he meant we were going to ride his motorcycle. So we donned our gear, hopped on the bike and made our way downtown avoiding the freeway by taking less crowded backroads.

We finally reached a building on the outskirts of the city. As we got off the bike, my husband headed indoors to drop off the paperwork while I waited for him outside standing next to the bike. I left my helmet on as I assumed he would not be long. I stood on the pavement in front of the motorcycle looking at it.

Suddenly, I felt wonky, the earth seemed to sway. I watched in horror as the bike leaned over! I dramatically jumped to one side so that I would not be caught under it as it fell. I returned my gaze back to the bike and to my surprise found it still upright! I couldn’t explain to myself why the bike was not on its side. I was sure that it had fallen over.

After removing my helmet, I sat down on the curb and rubbed my eyes with both hands. What did I just experience? I still felt dizzy. I finally had rationalized that it was some sort of energy warp.

It wasn’t long until my Husband reappeared and was staring questioningly at me. I guess the look on my face concerned him. Not quite ready to share the experience, I quickly reassured him I was alright. We slipped on our helmets and got back on the bike to head home.

The motorcycle zipped through China town and then up toward “Pill Hill” where the hospitals were located. The further into more populated areas we went, the more I felt it. It was the perception of emotion coming from the populous of downtown. I felt the anger, bitterness, fear, depression as well as hope, compassion and love. I felt it ALL and very intensely. It was extremely overwhelming.

I was then offered a glimpse of India. I didn’t understand why I was being shown India at that time as I was in the midst of experiencing emotional chaos.

Finally it had grown to be just too much for me to handle and I shouted to my hubby as he was driving, “Take me home! Now! I have to get out of this area, NOW!”

I was so thankful he didn’t require an explanation. He simply did as I asked.

Once we got home, I explained everything to him. I needed to lie down as the vertigo was increasing.

After a brief nap, I awakened feeling a bit better. With nothing else to do, I grabbed my drawing pad and pencils and began to mindlessly sketch. Once I was finished I took a picture of it as I do with all my drawings and then went to make dinner. Later that night, I felt much better. In fact, I was back to normal. I posted the drawing online and got a message from Margaret stating that I had drawn Maitreya! Apparently, he had impressed his image in my mind while I had slept and thus I felt no pressure to draw because I didn’t realize I was drawing him. So in his way, he helped me not to feel anxiety while I drew him. The other thing she mentioned was that she felt off for those few hours. She concluded that Maitreya had come to spend time with me in order to get his portrait done. The other thing that I found out was that Margaret and Alan were headed to India! Hence the vision of India I was shown.

Later I had a conversation with Alan. I explained what had happened and how intensely I felt everything. He said to me, “You only had Maitreya with you for a few hours and it was just a small taste of his energy. Imagine if it had been his FULL energy. It would’ve been too much for you.” That statement was very true. The energy was intense.

After that conversation with Alan, I couldn’t help but think to myself how special Margaret is. After all, it’s not easy handling all of that energy on a constant basis or feeling the intensity of the emotion in others around you.

I have to say that I appreciate how Maitreya knew just what I needed in order to get his portrait done and was there to help. I have since learned to trust in my abilities. It’s not that I don’t still have my ego self slip in from time to time but it’s knowing that I simply need to rest in the fact that my guides from spirit “have got this.”