I prefer writing about intense experiences I know intimately but I don’t have anything like that to write about at the moment so I thought I would write about my experiences with Margaret and Maitreya.

I first heard about Margaret in 2005 when I was 25. It started with reading a book that my sister’s friend had written. In it she wrote about a woman who had a spirit friend. I had no idea spirit existed and had never heard of anything like this, so I was intrigued. Also I think somewhere deep inside me I knew my life was a mess (it was) and I needed help. I ended up going to my friend’s book signing (though even at that time my self put up a struggle and I was in two minds to go, but I eventually decided I needed to support my friend). At the book signing I talked to her and remember feeling so hollow inside. My life was completely on the wrong path, I had no self-esteem and I had no idea who I was.

After going to the book signing my friend invited me to a channeling with Margaret and Maitreya. I had no idea what channeling was but I decided to go, actually I was desperate to go. The day of the channeling I had to get a train there. Somehow my self was already on guard and I arrived at this town outside London and had no record of where the channeling was and didn’t know where I was going. My self was putting up a real struggle. Eventually I got to the channeling though I was over an hour late! I was sure I was the worse person there and Margaret could see what a terrible person I was! I do remember sitting listening to Margaret and feeling her energetically pulling stuff off me and at first I resisted, not wanting her to take on my negative stuff, but eventually I let go.

The next time I saw Margaret was a year later when she travelled to Amsterdam for a metaphysical fair. I was suffering financially at that time but was determined to go (I have a determined streak which helps me even when my self is running the show). Alan was there and asked if I wanted to speak to Margaret and I couldn’t believe Margaret would want to speak to me! Alan then said she wears pants just like you and me (which I couldn’t find funny at the time, but probably was funny).

I kept following Margaret on the Internet, listening to her radio show and reading newsletters. I was desperate to do one of her courses but I had such low self esteem and fear that I was unable to create the money to go, though at the time I blamed spirit (frequently lol) and thought they were letting me down. I instead travelled to Seattle to do a masters course with Karen Downing, returning the next year to do the advanced course. Then out of the blue in 2013 I received an email saying that Margaret was doing another course, in India. There was no way I was going to miss out on this course. For the next few months I worked as hard as I could to make sure I would have the money to go on the course. I am a supply teacher (relief teacher) and stayed working in a school with harsh energy which made me very unhappy, but I was determined to go to India and do Margaret’s course. My life was in a desperate place and I knew on some level that it was vital that I went.

I worked right up till I went which I was glad about because it meant I had little time to think about the course and talk myself into fears, though I was still terrified when I got to India! I remember feeling sick going up in the lift to Margaret’s apartment. I was so terrified I don’t know how I did it! Then Margaret gave us all big hugs (and was probably clearing us in the night lol). The energy was so intense it was like nothing I have ever experienced. I could hardly stand the energy and the next day we arrived for the course Jean handed me grounding bracelets, necklaces and stones, just to make sure!

The course was 6 days long and my self put up a fight (I have a very strong self) but it couldn’t win and I was so much lighter by the end of the course. I don’t really remember much about what was discussed it was all about the energy and Margaret clearing layers upon layers of stuck past life energy from my body. At that time I was so bogged down with past life energy that it was impossible for me to move forward with my life. Margaret clearing a load of the energy from me meant I was finally able (at the age of 33) to move forward with my life. After the course we went travelling for a few days round India and I moved from one past life experience to the other. Also we had great fun and I have never laughed so much. Back in Delhi Margaret, Alan and Jean came to see us before we left and then it was back to real life.

For the next 3 months I was in email contact with Margaret regularly and she gave me lots of affirmations to help transform my state of mind. Before I disliked affirmations because they never seemed to work for me but now I could feel their effectiveness and I was lapping them up. I wrote affirmations on paper and stuck them on my wall. For a year after the course I went through intense experiences releasing energy that I was now able to let go. It was almost exactly a year later that I felt I could start moving forward positively. Now the time feels right for me to start using my talents and follow my dreams! Studying with Margaret and Maitreya has given me the chance to live the life I was meant to! There’s no stopping me now!