My First Memory of Gaia
by Laura Elliott

When I did my Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis session my Higher Self gave me so much. One of the memories it gave to me was my first memory of Gaia. She was a brand-new planet, and she was so beautiful that we all wanted to join with her and experience her newness, her freshness. We did this in a different way than we do now. At the time I was an energy Being with no corporeal form, just a Being of Light and Energy. In this way I was able to experience many parts of Gaia all at the same time. I joined my energy with that of Gaia and existed in true harmony and peace with her.

It was a beautiful time. When this memory began, I was joined in unity with a big, beautiful tree that had taken root by a river. As the tree I felt the enjoyment of being with my family of trees so near the water which allowed enjoyment of the land animals as well as those in the water. While I was the tree, I was also the squirrel at the trees base, and the bird sitting in the branches, and the water that ran in the river, and the clouds in the sky, and every rock at the river’s edge. I was a part of all, experiencing the joy and delight of Gaia as she experienced herself through me, and I through her.

This first encounter with Gaia is when I fell in love with her on a very deep level, and I vowed to help her through her growth and advancement in her own Spirituality in experiencing herself as a creation of the Creator of All That Is. I vowed to stay with her through many sojourns as she accepted humanity upon her surface and all those that asked her to be their Mother and life giver. She has sacrificed greatly to be of Service to Others as part of her soul advancement and many of us have been here to give her as much love and support as we could.

I also devoted myself to the water, plants and animals who serve in their soul infancy with Mother Gaia. So long ago I devoted myself to their care when I knew others would forget and abandon their knowledge of the connectedness of All That Is. I knew the time would come when humanity would see Mother Gaia and all upon her as theirs to do with as they willed with no concern for their plant and animal friend’s needs, desires, or feelings. When they would be subjugated to the will of humanity in all their hubris.

A very small part of my essence has been serving here with Mother Gaia for a very long time, and while I look forward to the opportunity to transition back to my natural state, I am very thankful for the opportunity I’ve had to serve here.  It hasn’t been easy. Each life I began anew, forgetting everything about who I really am and why I’m being born on Earth. It’s like those sci-fi movies or TV shows where the main character starts out not remembering who they really are or what they’re supposed to be doing and gradually, over the course of the movie or series, they start to remember everything.

The movie Total Recall comes to mind, whether the original or the remake. The main character is going about his life believing what he currently knows is all there is to know. When suddenly there’s a trigger moment and he begins to regain memories of who he really is and what he was meant to be doing. There are those that are trying to help him to remember who he really is, and those that don’t want him to remember, that are trying to keep him in ignorance of who he really is.

It’s occurring to me now as I write this, that although this isn’t an intentionally spiritual movie, it really does have certain similarities to the experience of reincarnating on Earth over and over again. My Higher Self and Angels are giving me this movie as an example to explain the experience of being reborn over and over again and striving to remember at each reset our True Self. And similar to the move, there are those that desire to keep us in the dark about the Spiritual Beings we are and those that are helping us to remember. I’ve never thought about this movie in this light before, so as I write this I’m finding myself a little amazed that this movie is the example I’m being given by my Higher Self and Angels to help us understand this concept.

This reset has happened to me over and over again, an eon worth, and each time I start over from square one and see how much I can remember before I’m reset again. All the while hoping I don’t become too entangled in the karmic debt process of the 3rd Density experience that I’m here to help with.

I am only one of many who have come to be of service to Mother Gaia and all the sentient life forms upon her (rocks, trees, plants, water, animals…) as well as to help humanity remember their connection with these other sentient life forms. We are here to offer our light and love in their support, and to help humanity reconnect with these Beings that they see as inanimate, lifeless, non-feeling, and non-Beings. While I may not have remembered what I needed to in this lifetime as early as I have in other lifetimes, or as late as I have in yet other lifetimes, it is always just the right time. I am always overjoyed to remember who I am and why I am here, to reconnect in a deeper relationship with my Higher Self and the Creator. I wish this reawakening for all and assure you that it is indeed possible to obtain. Even if this is your first incarnation on Gaia, the reawakening is about you remembering your True Self and growing into a deeper, more fulfilling connection with your Higher Self and the Creator.

I wish this for all of you. And as May begins, my wish for you is that your Awareness for your True Self, your Higher Self, blooms and grows as abundantly as the new buds breaking through the soil reaching for the sun.

Happy May everyone!

Love, Laura

~ Laura Elliott is an intuitive clairvoyant offering private and group consultations, classes, and coaching. Her aim is to help clients find clarity, inner guidance, and personal spiritual growth. You can contact Laura at her website, on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, and Twitter @MessagingAngels. Her book With Love, From Your Angels is now available in print and eBook directly from the publisher at or from