Years ago, I was a housewife in an unhappy marriage with an alcoholic husband. All through my life, if there is anything I really need to know, I see a picture of whatever it is inside my closed eyes when I wake up in the morning. One morning, after a day when I had been feeling particularly bad, I had this really strong, vivid picture of a face smiling at me, and reassuring me that I was an OK person. A few days later, I happened to pick up a New Zealand Woman’s Weekly, and there, in the clairvoyant section, was the person I had seen in the vision. It was Margaret! I knew that I had to have a reading with her. At that time, I was having some bad problems with one of my teenage daughters, and in my mind, I composed a letter to Margaret outlining what was going on and asking for help, but I did not get around to actually writing the letter. Well, a few days after that, I was at my job of doing housework for someone, and the radio was going. It was Margaret, on our local radio station, answering people’s questions. She was here in Nelson! One answer she gave someone was exactly what I needed for my daughter!! I really knew then that I just had to go and have a reading with her!

That reading changed my life! Margaret was coming to live in Nelson, and she offered me a job cleaning her house. She allowed me to read her books when I had finished my work, and I attended her meditation classes and workshops, for which Spirit always found me the money. Then she ran her first Master of Metaphysics course, which I wanted to attend, but it would cost $1500, and there was no way I could afford that kind of money. Then a fellow student suggested that I ask Spirit for the money, and if I was meant to do the course it would come. So I did, and just let it go. A few days later, I saw an ad in the local paper for a job cleaning in a school, so I applied for it. My application letter just flowed, and was perfect on the first attempt (usually any written job applications I did had to be done several times to get the perfect copy).
I posted it and three days later I got a phone call telling me I had the job! I didn’t even have to go for an interview!!

The wages from that job paid for the Masters course, and I did another one some months later. I met my future employer on the first Masters course, I trained to be an aromatherapist, and I am still working in her aromatherapy business today, giving healing massages and chakra balancings, selling essential oils and advising people on their use, and teaching classes.

Spirit eventually opened the door for me to leave my husband, and last year I had the privilege of attending the Graduate Master’s Course in India.

My life is now totally different from how it was when I first met Margaret, and there is hardly a day goes by that I do not give thanks to Spirit for opening doors and helping me to make many positive changes.