I started the metaphysical journey in about 2006. I have always been intrigued with psychics and wondered how do they do that? On my daily early morning commute to work, I would often listen to a local spiritual radio station. One morning I heard Margaret and Alan on their radio show and was immediately impressed and drawn to what they were saying. They were offering a 10-week metaphysical course to learn psychometry, intuition and channeling and lucky for me they were close to my home, I signed up!

I was first interviewed by Margaret to see if I was a worthy candidate. I remember when we were talking she started coughing so bad I was embarrassed for her. Looking back, I realize she was just clearing my throat chakra. I was so nervous for my first class, but I felt propelled to be there and went religiously for 10 weeks. Each week I became more and more confident about using my intuition and felt my Guides and Ascended Masters working on me and overshadowed by them during meditation. Some of my classmates were already so psychic, they could see auras, or talk to the dead or allow their hands and arms to move from Spirit as they drew beautiful portraits. I did not feel I belonged to be in such an advanced group of beings, however I stayed and it is where I needed to be.

After the beginning course I took another 10-week advanced course and then eventually a week intense Master of Metaphysic course. This all took place within about 2 years. Some memorable experiences include seeing Margaret almost disappear when she was channeling and a meditation when we were touched by God’s energy, incredible! I did not know how I was going to use what I was learning and was eventually lead to Astrology. At one time I had a very logical mind, having studied the sciences while in school. This came in handy for learning Astrology, but the trick is to step back and then allow Spirit to guide me to what the client needs to hear at that time. When I now look back at some of the sciences I studied in college, organic chemistry, physics and calculus, they look like foreign languages, my brain does not work like that anymore!

The metaphysical process is slow, as our bodies require time to adjust to the newer and newer vibrations. When we say yes to the journey, we say yes to our lessons and removing old stuck emotional energies as we peel them away one layer at a time. This can be difficult and painful to go through sometimes. Some of my biggest challenges have been about relationships and the balance of being independent and in a relationship, allowing things to unfold in Spirit’s time frame and believing in my own intuition. I have a lot of warrior and monarch energy I am learning to channel in a positive way. I channel my warrior energy through sports and the monarch energy by being confident in myself. I am learning that I do not have to prove myself to anyone anymore, I don’t have to be right or the best, and I just am a powerful positive being. Now when I waterski, someone from the other side comes along with me, I feel them enter the back of my neck, I get super strong and my vision immediately becomes intensely clear. This took a while to happen, at first it was a bit jerky, but got to be smoother and smother to the point I did not notice except for the strength and clearer vision. Eventually it happened when I barefoot waterskied. Amazing! The journey continues.