Our lessons and karma take us on some interesting journeys. When I was working for a living, I was an environmental health inspector. This led me to some special places such as day cares, drug rehab centers, medically fragile children’s homes, juvenile detection centers, ferryboats and prisons. I used to have a very analytical mind so I was able to learn about all the rules of inspecting and the things I needed to inspect. However the more I studied metaphysics the less analytical I became and so my work became harder and harder to do. I also have 7 planets in water signs so I am very empathic and would pick up peoples energy and I would just be exhausted at the end of the day.  What is most interesting is people in these institutions chose this as a way of learning and perhaps my judgment of others in another lifetime led me to this job in order to balance out my karma.

The ferryboats were the easiest to inspect as I just did the food service in the galley and it took me all of 30 minutes. I would try to pick nice days so I could enjoy a nice ferryboat ride on Puget Sound in Seattle. The hardest ones to inspect were the exhausting 3-4 day inspections of the prisons, as the whole campus was inspected, including the living units, laundry, ventilation, food service and gymnasium.  I was scared at first to go inside the razor wire fencing and have the steel doors lock behind me but I grew to be very comfortable and knew I was an advocate for the prisoners and their living conditions. I always had a guard with me when I walked about and had freedom to go anywhere and talk to anybody. I often would get intuition about who to talk to and who to stay away from, as there is the range of crimes from drug offenses to serial killers and mental health problems. Some of the prisons are just like the ones seen on TV, with rows and rows of cells with open bars. I would have to walk down these long corridors in order to view inside the cells, look for sanitation issues and get a sense of the ventilation system. I could feel the anger, depression and fear.

Sometimes I just could not walk down a certain row of cells, as the energy was so dense, other times I knew when to stop and talk to an inmate.  One time I heard a voice in my head telling me to go visit a certain living unit. When I got there, all the inmates were in the gym, so I was unsure why I was told about this unit. I kept walking around doing my inspection and upon coming to the last hallway, we found an inmate sleeping in his bunk and I knew that this was the one I needed visit.  So I pretended I needed to measure the water temperature from inside his cell at his sink. I just stayed there for the longest time, just asking him questions about why he was not joining his fellow inmates in the gym (they love their free time).  He seemed depressed and I think the guard and my presence helped him that day.

I was glad I was open, guided and mindful of those experiences that I needed to experience in order to help another and balance the past life energy.