From the moment curiosity into the metaphysical became apparent in my head; I knew things were going to be different. Little did I know just how different they were going to get.

As a wife and mother of three grown children and being in my late forties, I thought life was going to settle down. But as soon as spirit got the cue from me that I’d decided to make myself aware of all things spiritual, my life went into fast forward. It all started with a past life regression, something that I never knew existed until I was prompted by some inner feeling to look it up online. I then attended a ten week intuitive development class and things just accelerated from there. I went from zero to sixty in only a few short months which left my head spinning. Even so, my guides must’ve felt I was ready. I learned later from a few of my metaphysical reader friends that this wasn’t my first rodeo. I’d done this so many times before. Sometimes I was the one assisting my current guide from spirit and other times she was assisting me from spirit. So because we had done this together before, once I made my decision to open up, no time was wasted. A friend of mine that I met during my ten week class was and still is amazed at all I’ve done in such a short time. She would always comment at how fast I was developing. I had no idea of any sort of expected development timeline. I simply went into class not knowing what to expect and not really expecting anything.
As my development progressed, I found talents and abilities I was unaware of. Aside from the obvious, drawing portraits, there was the urge to suddenly start painting. The funny thing was I hated to paint. After a few frustrating attempts, I heard in my head one day, “Just trust. Simply trust and be patient.” And so I did. I went from expecting a painting to be done in a couple of hours, to allowing it to take as long as need be. Sometimes it would take me a couple of days or more to get it just right.

And then there’s my writing. Never in a million years did I think I would be an author let alone publish four books. But here I am more than four years later and that is just what I did. It all began with feeling led to meticulously write down what I saw in my meditations and past life regressions. At the time, I just wanted to document my journey. I didn’t realize until later that my writings would be fodder for my books.
Another ability I discovered during my class became apparent during psychometry readings. I would consistently pick up past lives for my classmates. I was given quick glimpses into the lifetimes and picked up emotions or feelings tied to those lives. At times I could even “feel” how they had died. That is how I found out how empathic I was. In most all my jobs I was considered “camp counselor” as my co-workers would vent privately to me, they would go back to their desks feeling better while I sat unknowingly covered in the energetic gunk they had just unloaded on me. I would eventually clear my energy although at the time, I had no idea I was doing any of this. After my “awakening” it all made sense to me and I learned how to effectively clear quicker and more efficiently.

The past few years have been very enlightening for me. Though I’ve learned much and have developed the gifts I am aware of, I know this is a “life” journey not simply a five year trek. I purposely made the decision to change my life by opening up spiritually. I look forward to where this journey will take me. In the following excerpt from my book, Visions Awakened: The Journey Continues, Lauren is actually me and this book is about my life. The last two sentences especially sum my life up perfectly.

“Since doing past life regression work, Lauren began to develop a surprising ability. Along with vivid recollections of her own past lives, she began to see more. To her, it was like being in a room with a window covered in curtains. Only aware of what was around her inside the room at that moment gave her a limited perspective. However, when Lauren pulled open those proverbial curtains, by acknowledging her ability to see past lives, she expanded her viewpoint. She was able to see more of the bigger picture and that in turn, broadened her view on life itself. Using her intuition as a key, she unlocked a door that many people never open, and discovered a greater gift.

The one thing Lauren knew for sure was that with the awareness of this special gift, she would not be able to lock that door again. For once a soul is truly aware of that knowledge there is NO going back.”