Although I have been studying medical astrology for a few years by myself and have done a few readings for friends or people I know, I did not do it for people I do not know. Recently, I did my first paid medical astrology consultation for a client. I am thrilled not only by the presence of intense spiritual energy, but also by the information provided by Spirit during the consultation. The client was uplifted and was very happy after the reading.

I am very happy that I can assist people in healing this way through their natal chart. The health issue the client is going through at this moment is all meant to be according to her natal plan and the planetary transit at this moment. The astrological configuration has provided the answers and insights for why, how and what to the health issues. What really amazed me is that we do not need to be fearful for our health problems if we have the metaphysical and astrological knowledge to get into the root cause.

In my truth, I believe that most diseases are caused by our inner stress and tension due to our own repressed emotions, unexpressed thoughts, conditioning, habits, beliefs and attitudes that we have carried within throughout our life or lives, but have never dealt with. It creates disharmony, dis-ease and unbalance with our own body, mind and spirit. Whenever there is unbalance among our body, mind and spirit, there is a dis-ease.

Everything is energy. Thought, word, emotion, feeling, belief, habit, etc., are all live energy in different forms. Whenever the energy is unused or unexpressed, it becomes stagnant, and then it creates an energy block; when the energy flowing in our bio-system is blocked, it affects our body’s normal condition and function and this creates dis-ease, disharmony and unbalance, and eventually manifests as a physical disease. The health issues are warning signals from our soul that there is a dis-harmony, dis- ease and unbalance that we need to pay attention to, or there is something that we need to let go of so that we can restore balance, health and wellbeing. If we don’t listen to our body and follow the warning signals of our soul, then it will eventually manifest into a serious disease on a physical, mental or emotional level.  Disease is a way to release and clear the outstanding energy blocks in our bio-energy field through our physical body.

I believe that the main root cause of disease is our repressed emotional energy and unexpressed mental energy, such as our thoughts, words, beliefs, etc., except we also need to understand that some people have chosen disease as part of learning their life lessons or paying their karmic debt (we can find this from natal chart). Unfortunately, there are many people who do not have to have disease, but they have created it for themselves because of their own unhappiness and unhealthy life style due to their repressed emotions, unexpressed thoughts and feelings, unspoken words, habits, beliefs, conditioning, attitude, and holding onto old wounds, etc.

For example, if we feel that life is unfair and that we cannot breath freely in life, we eventually may manifest a disease in our Respiratory system. My father used to complain that life was unfair to him and that he was not able to do whatever he wanted to accomplish freely, he eventually had lung cancer and died at age of 74 although he planned to live a long life just as his parents had (both his parents died at age of 96).

If our repressed thoughts, emotions and any other unused energy have not been released in this life, although we may not have manifested the disease yet, it will be carried over to our next incarnation or incarnations till it is released. If not, it will eventually come out as a physical disease. Energy has to flow and nothing can block the flow of energy forever. The blocked energy will eventually find its way out either through disease or through other outlets, such as violence, suicide or other destructive behavior.

I also believe that most diseases are curable if we can clear the energy blocks and release the emotions we try to hold onto. We can accomplish this by positively changing our thoughts and perspectives. I say this based on my own experiences of releasing my own blocked energy.

I experienced a lot of physical pain and discomfort while I was releasing and clearing the trapped emotional energy that I consciously began letting go of in 2004. Sometimes the pain and discomfort was so excruciating that I wondered if I had cancer or a severe disease. I used to have breathing problems during the summer time before I went into Metaphysics. I experienced knee problem that caused me to have difficulties in climbing the stairs and there were a few months that the bottom of my foot was too painful to touch the floor. I also had lower back pain for quite a few years, to such a degree, that I had difficultly in standing up to walk and I had to use a medical waist band to support my back. I had severe teeth problems and I ended up having massive dental treatments. I started having nosebleeds; the blood flowed like a stream from my nose and this last for about 4 weeks. I had severe heart pain as if I was experiencing a heart attack. I could not lift my left shoulder for almost a year. With the release and clearing, all these problems were gradually resolved, and yet new ones would continue to arise as I have so much repressed emotions and unexpressed thoughts in this life, not to mention how much I have carried over from my past lives!

I honestly believe that had I not allowed myself to release and clear my repressed energy, I would for sure have ended up with Ovary Cancer, Colon Cancer, or Kidney failure during my second Saturn Return, just as my mother did. She died a week before her 60th birthday from renal syndrome. She also had Gallstones and Pancreatitis. Now I am almost 61 years old and I am still in the process of releasing and clearing. It goes deeper and deeper, but I feel better, lighter and healthier.

From my own experience, I find that writing is one of the most efficient and simplest way to release my repressed emotional energy and unexpressed thoughts from my body, mind and soul. Writing down what I feel and how I feel honestly and truthfully is a very critical and important process. No matter whether it is my anger, fear, resentment, or my worry, jealousy, guilt, shame or other emotions, I acknowledge it honestly without judging or criticizing myself as wrong or bad; I accept it as how I truly feel; I allow it to be expressed through writing it down; and then, I let it go, tell myself that I no longer need to hold onto it anymore; At last, I destroy the paper. I often repeat this process until I feel the energy is released. Once the energy is out of my bio-system, it can no longer stay inside me to create an energy block. The more I release this way, the more I allow the energy flow, and the better I feel. I have come to the realization that all the emotions I hold onto are only hurting myself. Writing works well for me, it is very effective and is a powerful form of self-healing. If you wish, simply try it; you will be amazed by this process.

Besides writing, there are also many healing modalities that can assist us to release and clear these energy blocks and to restore our balance and wellbeing. I would also like to point out that we should not hesitate to see a doctor, or to seek a professional medical treatment if necessary. The reason I say this is because we do not know what intensity and complexity our past life energy will manifest into when it comes to the surface and how severely it will affect our physical body and health. We can benefit greatly from modern medicine. Do not hold onto alternative medicine only till it is too late. And we should not have fear, worry and panic for it only hinders our healing process. I wrote a book about Astrology and Steve Jobs (hotlink), he did not have to die. If he would have utilized both modern and alternative medicine, he waited to long.

Only by getting into the root cause of health issues or disease, can we truly heal our body, mind and soul. Often, this healing process is also accompanied by the life lessons we have set up for our own to learning. Instead of dealing with the physical symptom separately, we should try to discover the real cause behind it, and focus on restoring the balance of our body, mind and soul. In this way, we can heal ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Having proper knowledge and information of medical astrology provided through our own astrological configuration in our natal chart will remove our fears and worries greatly, and it will give us hope and courage to overcome the obstacles, and to heal our body, mind and soul to become whole again.