Nature Teaches Us and Heals Us
by Jean Luo

The Earth Plane is the school of life. No one is a permanent inhabitant here. We are all souls who came from other planets of the Universe to attend the School of life on the Earth Plane as a student. Not only that, it also has a unique architectural position in our Solar System. The souls, no matter who we are, which planet we come from, what level of vibration and consciousness we have, and what mission or life lessons we have chosen to learn and to experience, as long as we are here, we are bound and governed by the rules and laws of the School of Life on the Earth Plane.

Since the souls on the Earth Plane are from all different planets of our Universe and other Universes, each soul has their own unique vibration and consciousness according to their own soul evolution. Some of them are highly evolved and have much higher vibration; some of them are still learning and trying to graduate from the Earth School of Life and hope to return home forever; and the others may have just evolved from the animal kingdom and are learning to be a human being. Therefore, we are all different and unique, no two souls are the exact same and alike. However, regardless of what we are, who we are and where we are from, we are all divine souls created by the Divinity of the Creator. In other words, each of us is the divine spark and descendant of the Creator. As such, regardless of our races, skin colors, nationalities, beliefs, cultures, traditions, we are, in fact, all soul brothers and sisters! Although we are different from each other in physical form, we are connected and no separation at all in energy as a soul!

One of the most profound insights for all of us is to realize that WE ARE ALL ONE! Therefore, when we are against another, we are against ourselves; when we hurt another, we hurt ourselves; when we are destroying another, we are literally destroying ourselves! We are all deeply and energetically connected with each other, and there is no separation at all. Unfortunately, the Self/Ego part of mankind holds the majority of us in the illusion of power, control, and dominance, which prevents us from seeing the real reason and true purpose why we are here. As long as we are wrapped in the illusion of our physical reality, we will continually fight against each other and will eventually go down the road of self-destruction of the mankind. This is what has been written throughout the evolution of human history.

However, this cannot go on any longer anymore. The time for radical change and transformation of mankind has arrived. We are now in this crucial time! Every soul on the earth plane right now is facing a critical choice: ascension with the Earth Plane to a higher dimension or descension to self-destruction. The choices that each individual soul makes are of great importance to the collective choice of mankind. So, we are all equally important, yet unique in this process. In order to ascend collectively, we all have to learn unconditional acceptance, unconditional no judgement, and unconditional love. Each of us is a unique individual and vibration, and each of us is equally important in the universe and in the process of ascension. Just like the ten fingers playing the piano together, when the ten fingers work with each other collaboratively and cohesively, they can play the most beautiful, melodious, harmonic and powerful Symphony which can transform the entire world and everything it has touched.

How can we learn the most important lessons of unconditional acceptance, unconditional nonjudgement, and unconditional love? Well, we don’t need to go far; we just need to open our eyes widely and look around, to be more observing and mindful; we just need to immerse ourselves into nature, walking in the forest, hugging the trees, sitting on the beach, listening to the sound of birds, the waterfalls, and the waves of the ocean, smelling the fragrance of the flowers, and observing everything that we walk past as we enjoy our time in nature, and by saying “hello” to people we meet. By doing so, you will be for sure learning the lessons well.

Although many people have been going through great challenges and trials since the beginning of 2020, the Pandemic is actually bringing us at least two blessings:1) to have time and space to be still and to go deep within; 2) to go into nature to experience the beauty and beautiful healing energy that nature provides us.

Alan, Korinne, Ratna and I love to be in the nature. During the Summer, we are trying as often as possible to go into nature on the weekends. We are lucky to live in Washington state as it provides so many places where we can go to ocean, lakes, waterfalls, mountains, and forests, etc. We always feel refreshed, recharged, revitalized, and rejuvenated. A lot of places we go to are full of people and heavy traffic, but I have observed that people are friendly with each other regardless of their skin colors, beliefs, races, ages or genders, and they are all treating each other with respect and kindness. Everyone is minding their business, and I have not seen one fight or argument so far. I am so amazed and excited by this observation. To tell you the truth, I am in WOW!

As I am paying more attention to this phenomenon, I have realized that Mother Earth is teaching us how to live together with each other in harmony. Mother Earth is opening her heart and arms to welcome everyone who visits her no matter whether it is a he or she, is white, black or brown, how high or low in vibration, how rich or poor, what religion or belief he/she practices, or what social status he/she holds. Mother Earth treats everyone with unconditional acceptance, unconditional judgment, and unconditional love. She is just simply there, silently opening her beautiful heart, and allowing everyone to enjoy her wonderous, magnificence, magic, beauty, and healing power. Everyone who is visiting her, without exception can experience change, healing, and transformation. The respect and peacefulness everyone is showing to each other is the evidence of healing. Yes, nature is our best teacher for the most difficult lessons we need to learn. If we can go into nature often and deeply connect with nature, we will learn this lesson much easier and faster. To the end, once we have changed our attitude and perspectives, once we have let go of our own ego and righteousness, and once we have allowed our heart to widely open, the lesson will not be so hard and so difficult. This gives us hope.

My heart is filled with deep gratitude to the Mother nature. Thank you for showing me such a beautiful way to learn the lessons of unconditional love, non-judgement, and acceptance. It gives us hope and shows us how we, the human beings, can build a beautiful, peaceful, harmonious, and lovely heaven on Earth. I would like to encourage everyone, no matter how busy you are, to try and go into the nature whenever you can. If you do, your life will become much lighter and happier.

“Why can you not be together, yet be different? A cedar tree and a beech tree in the same garden standing side by side, together, yet separate.” – From Maitreya Quotes App