Navigating Through Life Part 2

This is a continuation from last month’s post. As I mentioned in my last post, the presentation of my list is not exhaustive nor has it any manner of importance in the sequence it is presented. As we free ourselves from dramas (last post), we also free up a lot of misused energies. Now, we can direct those energies more towards our own self-healing.  Next is,

2) Clear your karma, repay all karmic debts.

What is Karma? Karma is unexpressed/unfinished/incomplete energy. In simple expression, it is cause and effect. In scientific definition, it is Newton’s 3rd Law of motion : for every action or force in Nature, there is an equal and opposite reaction (result). Hence, only be concerned with the balance of the karmic debt in your own ‘ledger’. Don’t worry about other people’s karma. The Universe will take care of them.

Before we dive deeper into Karma, let’s talk about Birth Plans/scripts. These are the scripts of your life written by YOU on the other side of the veil where no Ego is present (HOME/Heaven). At this stage, you (pure consciousness of Love & Light) can be very ambitious and write big scripts for big achievements because no Ego is present. This is where karma, life-lessons are overlaid and incorporated, soulmates are sought for the ‘Play’ on Earth. Reviews are made. Sometimes, people get ‘Deja Vu’ on Earth which is basically remembrance of the birth plan review.

I would also like to stress here that many people think that once, they found their soulmates, everything will be fine and dandy. Let me define soulmates here. Soulmates are those souls in your soul group who have agreed to come to Earth to provide you with the life-lessons you need for your spiritual growth. They are teachers as well as students in your spiritual path. Many come as your spouse, siblings, parents, relatives, friends etc. Most often they come as your other half or spouse. This is because it is easier to break away once the lesson is learnt or when the karmic debt has been paid off, often times through the earthy process of divorce/break-up. In more severe cases, life can be taken away by the one who seeks to experience the deep emotion of losing someone.

We all have been through romances or fell in love at one point or another. The feeling can be like we are on cloud 9 or as someone pointed out to me, her initially meeting with her spouse was magical. But as karma creeps up through the years, a seemingly happy marriage can end up in fights or divorce. Now, where is karma stored? Karma is stored in the blue-print (multi-dimensional aspect of your DNA) which stores your Akash or soul memory. This soul memory is triggered when karma ripens. Hence, karma is like a Time Capsule, ripening at specific given time and cosmic laws. External cosmic laws are planetary alignments of planets, gravity etc. whereas Internal cosmic laws would be ethics, values, behavior etc.

Let’s imagine how a relationship starts. Due to some external cosmic laws (alignment of planets etc), the ripening of a karma brings two souls together at a given time and space. Boy is attracted to girl’s value (also karmic)and this triggers his soul memory. They then fell in love and ended up in marriage. . As time goes by, lessons, and more karma start to surface. By this time, their Egos would start to rear their ugly heads if both do not cultivate true love and raise their vibrations. The karma that surfaces stir up soul memories from past incarnations. This karmic energy can be dense if span over lifetimes of karmic debts. Two souls who are brought together by attraction or love can end up as enemies or in worst case scenario, death.

Now, karma is based on an old system in the Old Energy of reincarnation. This means, a soul can reincarnate over and over again to repay karmic debt. Though this is a system of love, it is very, very hard to comprehend on this side of the veil because in our linear minds, this is often times pure sufferings ( if one is unable to pierce or thin the veil yet). In the New Energy, we are able to clear our karma and rewrite our Birth Scripts. So in our past class, we started off by giving intent to clear karma with a particular person. By holding the Intent in your heart, you start the process. Once the energetic karmic cord is severed, it no longer tethers the block(s) that causes imbalances or disharmony/discomfort. Those energetic blocks will surface to be cleared. This is not a pleasant process especially when overloaded. Hence, I told the class to only clear karma with one person at a time, not 5, 8, or 10 at one go. This itself will take some Earth time especially if one is not a healer.

Now this brings us to the next question asked by a student in the class. How do we know when a karma with a specific person has been cleared completely? My answer : when you don’t react towards that person anymore, when you don’t feel animosity, anger or any negative feelings towards that person anymore. What you feel towards that person is just love (you don’t have to be in love with that person). When that happens, you are free, the energetic karmic debts have been paid off. Don’t get me wrong that everything is sunny now. The other person can still hate or despise you if he or she hasn’t worked on clearing his/her karma with you. However, if both have worked through their karmic debts, they will be friends with no hard feelings. By then, they can choose to separate in divorce or stay together if they were a couple. Free Will is always to be honored.

Every action/thought of ours creates invisible and/or visible results. A doer cannot escape his/her karma. Hence, always aim for having kind, loving, benevolent, and compassionate thoughts or actions. That way, like a boomerang, you can ensure that only ‘good things’ will head back to you.

To be continued.

I leave you in Peace

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