Navigating through Life Part 4

A lot is happening in our world right now that does not look too good. This is amplified by our social media and the picture painted by our media is not exactly optimistic either. Extreme climate change, wars and threats of social unrest add to the gloom that is looming in our society right now. On the other hand, there are a lot of souls awakening to a greater Truth, seeking esoteric truths for a higher meaning/purpose in life as well as embracing peace and love in their hearts. The latter happenings are occurring worldwide but are not reported in our media. More and more Light is filling our world as we progress towards a higher Consciousness.

We are going through a transition time of clearing the old to make room for the New Energy to come in.  This is a slow and not an easy process because humankind has been living in the old, stagnant energy that favors Duality for a very long time.  Change is never easy as upheaval or an inner turmoil has to happen to uproot the subconscious on an individual and global level. Everyone is going through some kind of an upheaval or clearing of their subconscious. It is not easy because humans are creatures that are so conditioned to a structured life and resist change or the unknown. Hence, I am writing these series to help navigate through life with better ease. My posts are merely suggestions but please use your discernment for guidance.

4) Don’t live in a Box
The phrase “ Don’t live in a Box” is a metaphor suggesting not to live in an enclosed compartment. There is a Malay proverb that says “Bagai Katak di bawah tempurung” which literally means “Like a frog living under a coconut shell” which means that this is the ONLY world or micro-environment that exists for it. It doesn’t know the existence of bigger or other worlds. Similarly, the English proverb “A ship is safe in a dock but that is not what a ship is built for” carries similar meaning. The ship will not discover new oceans if it remains in the dock forever.

Many of us (including me) are guilty as charged as we have been conditioned to live in a ‘box’. We compartmentalize our lives into compartments as we navigate through the sequential nature of our lives. We go through elementary, middle, and high schools and for some lucky ones, perhaps college and graduate school after that. At some point we have families and offspring once our careers take off.  This is the life in 3D (4D where time is included). This is very linear and sequential to some extent not to mention that it is very structured. Eg. Companies will only hire those with degrees or certain qualifications. Or you have to save enough money before you can buy a big item like a car or a house or to start a business. This led us to believe that we have to go through this linear procedure to achieve what we want. What if I am to tell you that there is a better way to live and that is to get out of our boxes and start living life in the quantum field?

In our limited knowledge and belief system(s), we think our 3D/4D dimension is the only world (just like the frog). Scientists (astrophysicists) are now beginning to believe that there are many dimensions in our world, overlapping but vibrating at different frequencies. This is the quantum field that is purely energy or consciousness and accessible to those who believe in it. Everything is energy and this boils down to our DNA. Remember the 95% of our genome that scientists called ‘junk DNA’ because they don’t carry any functional purposes? Well, these DNA carry codes for the evolution of human consciousness. So, to live outside the box and in the quantum-field means to live a life of higher purpose.

We are all Light and multi-dimensional beings having a physical experience. We believe our 3D/4D world is our real world. This is because the vibration is low and dense, so we believe this is the ‘real thing’. Those who have been on astral travel or projection (for me, this is the 5th dimension and is divided into lower and middle astral too), the feelings are more real and intense. Eg. If you feel love in astral, the feeling is much more intense. Plus, you use telepathy to communicate. Now, if we are Light beings, that means we have our higher selves residing at higher dimensions who share the same energy templates as us but without the karmic energies/life lessons or the limitations that we carry in our organic bodies on Earth. Our higher selves are also our guides who guide us through life.

Now, why do I say living in the quantum field is better? This is because, when we live in the quantum field, we create our own realities through thoughts or consciousness. Everything is created from consciousness. Let me illustrate this. Let’s say you want to become an artist. So, in our linear world, you must at least finish high school and go to art college.  I have a friend whose art teacher gave up on her daughter when she was a kid.  This girl’s potential opened up during puberty and she channeled her higher-self potential and started painting beautiful wall murals without any art training and started her own business at a tender age. This is what I mean creating from the quantum field. Many musicians who write music get their inspiration that way too.

Living in a linear world is very taxing and draining for you to create from matter, not to mention, that often times people get stuck and unable to find a solution. But if you draw from the quantum field to create your reality, you create from your consciousness. All manifestation happens in the ether before it happens in our 3D/4D or heavier density.  Synchronicities happen in the quantum field, and things come together, and you will meet the person(s) you are supposed to meet to achieve your goal or desire. Remember, I talked about how I was guided to buy my third car after only 20 mins test drive. I didn’t have to waste time searching or going from one dealership to another. My second car was also through guidance and lasted me 21 years with only a few minor repairs.

Those of you who have had your eureka moments have the understanding that at that particular moment, everything seems to piece together. This realization from the quantum field seemingly comes from the void. A linear understanding will have to be logical reasoning and usually comes from previous experience(s) or our subconscious.

The quantum field is around and within us. We often hear people say, “you create your own reality”. Our thoughts/feelings are energy that we project out to the quantum field. If our consciousness can create our reality, wouldn’t it be wonderful to take this shortcut rather than to create from matter in 3D/4D? I am also learning to let go of my subconscious programming and to start creating from the quantum field. Connection can only happen through our consciousness and by raising our vibration. Imagine accessing our Higher-Selves potential from all dimensions up to the 12th. This is also how many inventors make their new inventions. Their inspirations come from higher dimensions, not from 3D/4D or inside a ‘box’. Hence, we often hear people say, “Think outside the box!”

Why not join me today and get rid of our boxes? Let us start to make magic together!

I leave you in Peace.

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