Navigating Through Life

I have to say that life is not easy. I am not being pessimistic but realistic. Buddha said “Life is suffering” but he also said he can show the way to be free from life sufferings. All prophets who have come to Earth have shared the same task, to teach humanity how to be free from suffering. Indeed, life is full of life lessons, karma to be cleared, hurdles to jump and challenges to face. I am sure those who have lived life through adulthood can attest to that. I have friends telling me “it is one damn thing after another”, “never a dull moment”, “it is endless”, “ problems come like rain”, or “there is always something”. No one is spared from the turbulence of ups and downs in life because we are all humans. We have Ego/Lower Self and not to mention the karma and lessons that we brought forward from past incarnations to clear. On top of that, the celestial bodies of planetary alignments always bring something to our table, sometimes fun, other times challenges/lessons that make us feel stuck. But there are also souls on Earth who are seemingly sailing through life like a breeze. These souls are going through ‘breathers’ and enjoying life or taking breaks from the hardships of life. You might say “lucky for them!” This has nothing to do with luck because these souls or all souls choose their own life plans.  These souls actually went through very extreme lives before this lifetime (e.g., They may have been beheaded, burnt alive for their beliefs etc…in past incarnations) that they decided to take a ‘breather’ and enjoy life this time around.

Now, even though life is full of challenges, we can still make the best out of it. I know we are all going through a transition period where darkness seems to surface as individuals and collective humans recalibrate their consciousness to move into the New or Light Energy. Even Gaia has to recalibrate as we can see extreme weather affecting us. As I have mentioned before, consciousness takes time to shift. Although many souls are already embracing this Shift, there are still many who are still ignorant about it. As the dark surfaces, many who haven’t been cultivating Light may decide to handle it in very extreme ways, either by taking their own lives (at times taking others with them too) or hurting others in as many possible ways that they can think of. But I have to say, Dark is merely the absence of Light. As our world is flooded with Light (more and more souls awakening), we will see a Shift towards humans who want Peace and not wars. This will take time and may also be demonstrated by those who are invested in darkness to rear their ugly heads and bring forth collective Love/Compassion. This camaraderie among souls around the world will unite the Light energy and make it even more powerful. This Light force transcends all barriers; race, religion, ethnicity, status, and colour. And this Light will dispel darkness and since dark is not active, it will disappear once the collective Light is turned on. This will take time to achieve as we are still in a transition stage of moving towards the Light. However, scattered Lights especially from bearers of Light (Lightworkers) everywhere in the world are already in the process of shining their Lights and eradicating darkness as I am writing this. Light is spreading gradually and steadily although it may not seem so from our perspective on what the media is feeding us.

A lot of people are lost at this period in time, and many are going through hardships, not to mention Ascension symptoms of which they are clueless. Many of the blocks that surface can cause pressure or even pain that the medical profession cannot explain. I hope by providing the list of things to help you ease through this period may help to calm you down and bring forth healings. The list I am providing here is by no means exhaustive nor has any order of importance in the way it is presented.

1. Be Drama-free
In order to heal, you need to have peace. And to have a peaceful life means to be drama-free. I am talking about personal dramas as well as dramas that are happening in the world around us. I don’t deny that before I became spiritual, I had dramas in my life. There were even some points in my life where I kind of enjoyed the dramas because they brought attention to me, or my Ego.  I spun round and round and was drained most of the time. After I became spiritual, I realized that dramas are actually a waste of energy!! I am sure some of you have those kind of friends who like to share information about others or pour their life stories to you or paint the picture of them being victims to get attention etc….If you are not mindful, you can be drawn into their vortexes and be a participant in their on-going dramas. This can drain or suck up your Qi/Chi and you wonder why you get tired so easily!! This is the same with news that spin around which politician is calling names or doing something to his/her opponent(s) etc. If you buy into all this, chances are you will be stuck in the Old collective energy that cannot move forward.  Now, how do you deal with dramatic people? Give NO energy to them when they start spinning dramas. Kill their conversations with a short reply that is non-judgemental.  When you give no energy, they have nothing to feed on and may start to leave you. May I say that once you decide to be drama-free, you will notice that some of your friends do not find you interesting anymore.  They may start to leave you. Have no fear, because you will start attracting new friends who share your frequency. The proverb ‘Birds of a feather flock together’ rings true, which means you will gain friends who are drama-free too.  By being drama-free, you stop creating negative blocks in your subtle energy system. Old blocks may start to surface and fall off as you raise your vibration by being mindful of your state of mind. This is one of the steps in self-healing.

To be continued in March.

I leave you in Peace!

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