August was an incredible month astrologically with the Lunar eclipse of August 7th and the Solar eclipse on August 21st along with 5 planets being in retrograde. Retrogrades are usually a time to not start something new, but to finish up things that we have started at some point in time, and have not finished. By the same token, Lunar eclipses are about endings and Solar eclipses are about new beginnings. It is quite easy to get confused with all the endings and beginnings, and finishing things up. Where do we start and where do we end you might ask. Well, in actuality, our existence resembles a circle, so there are actually no true endings or beginnings, there are just pauses that we choose to label as a new beginning or ending. Our life continues not just in this incarnation, but carries forward from prior incarnations. We are like a book that never ends. Sometimes I think we may think we are starting a new book, when in actuality, we are just starting the next chapter in our soul experience.

We are the sum total of all our experiences through all our lifetimes waiting for the Universe to present us with the next experience so we can write the next chapter as we face the life lessons we have chosen to learn from in our present incarnation. August was a big month for me, as Jean, Korinne, Ratna and myself decided to drive about 300 miles south to experience the “Totality” of the Solar eclipse in a little town of 6,000 people named Madras, Oregon along with the other 100,000 people who also wanted to experience this unique event. We planned it for about 3 months and bought a tent and all the camping gear we would need for our 5-day experience. We even did some practice outings up on beautiful Mount Rainier and experienced some incredible sights, plus we were able to get in some great cardio exercise as we did a lot of walking. It doesn’t get much better than a healthy meal, some nice fresh air, a little exercise and new experiences. The new experiences write the latest chapters in our life story and I must admit that the time away from TV and Internet allowed me to reflect on the chapters that have already been written and ponder what learning experiences the new chapters would hold.

Over the past year since Margaret transitioned, I have had a lot of time for reflection relating to my 12 years with Margaret. She was definitely a new chapter or a doorway to a whole new world of awareness about who we really are and she offered new insights into the what, why and how of our current existence. She was the channel to Maitreya, who assisted me to start grasping the interactions of all the events and people around me. Through Margaret, Maitreya assisted me in seeing that they weren’t just random acts or associations, but learning experiences and also an opportunity to receive or repay Karma. My time with him and Margaret allowed me to see and experience everyone playing a role or multiple roles with me in this lifetime based on actions and Karma from prior lifetimes. They assisted me through my astrology to grasp the learning through the challenges and successes that I have chosen to learn from.

Ironically, one very critical, but extremely intense past life interaction unfolded between Ratna, Jean, Margaret and myself during our past 4 years in India, California and Australia. Early in my relationship with Margaret, a past life came to the surface that was the backbone of our relationship in this lifetime. In a prior incarnation I had taken her as my concubine in a life that my wife had lost interest in me. Margaret was much younger than I, and was not an enthusiastic participant of my actions. I essentially took the life she envisioned away from her in that incarnation and in this incarnation I came to give her that life back. It was easy to see and resonated with me as our life together magically unfolded for us. As I reflect, I like to think that I was able to repay my Karmic debt to her. In that life, Jean played the role of my mother-in-law, who at first spied on Margaret and me for her daughter, but who later came to be a very good friend and confidant to young Margaret. This was as much of the story as we all knew until we arrived in India. But, after 8 years, the Universe revealed a couple more chapters of the story to us that turned the story upside down. Out of the blue one day as I was hanging out the laundry to dry on our balcony in India, it was revealed to me that in this chapter of my story, I, in fact, had a very strong relationship with Jean in that lifetime, and it was not her daughter or Margaret that I wanted to marry, but her. Unfortunately, in that life, Ratna thwarted our relationship and I ended up marrying her daughter and then disrupting young Margaret’s life when I was later rejected.

So here we were, isolated together in India, and the past life energy emerges for our learning. It wasn’t as if we could easily skip this chapter or put the book back on the shelf. Energy is energy and once it comes to surface, it is there to be dealt with, not repressed. It was not easy as it brought a lot of suppressed anger, frustration and insecurities to the surface that had to be dealt with. Through much soul searching, trust and communication, we successfully navigated a very difficult chapter in our learning to release the repressed energy between Margaret, Jean and myself. It wasn’t easy and had many ups and downs, but we persevered and survived the learning. Maitreya was incredible in pointing out that this energy was meant to come to surface to allow Margaret to face some deep deep insecurities from that life. With Margaret’s Sun and Chiron in the 1st house of self-worth and her Moon in Leo, this was a difficult and soul-searching experience for her, but as Maitreya said, “This is what you chose for your learning”. It took a lot of metaphysical understanding to work through the energy as Margaret and I proceeded forward and Jean and Margaret proceeded forward. It wasn’t easy, but we endured and in the end, it enhanced our love and commitment to each other on many levels. Obviously, it would take much more writing to explain the last 4 years, but it was an incredible chapter of metaphysical learning and growth in my life story. I was and am so blessed to have been able to experience this chapter and to build on it as I continue to the next chapter.

So, with the attributes of the eclipses and retrogrades, Jean and I decided to finish up what was left undone in the past lifetime and start a new chapter of our journey. On August 18th, we got married in Madras, Oregon in conjunction with the “Totality” of the Solar eclipse. Ratna was on hand to give his blessing and approval and Korinne stood by her mother as Maid of Honor. So, I guess you could say it’s a new beginning, a new chapter or one more step along the circle. I must admit to you that I am very happy and can feel Margaret with us. With Margaret, I began Maitreya’s work, and with Jean we are both steadfast in continuing Margaret’s Legacy of taking Maitreya’s teachings to the world! Ironically, Jean and I leave for China in October for 2 months of teaching as the circle of life continues. Life doesn’t get much better than that! I am a lucky man.

Have a good month,