New Life, Living in the Now

I just enjoyed 6 days with my son’s newborn little girl. She’s 3 weeks old and it was incredible watching this little soul’s facial expressions as she experiences this new adventure known as an Earthly incarnation. As I’m holding her, feeding her, burping her, or changing the messy little diaper; she’s completely innocent to everything she is experiencing. Talk about total trust and experiencing life in the NOW MOMENT! It reminded me of when Margaret and I were in Australia, she asked me to take her 6-year-old granddaughter to Warner Brother’s Movie World in Australia for the day. Maitreya said to me that I needed to relax and experience things like a child, to live in the moment, and experience one ride at a time. I distinctly remember running from one ride to the next as this youngster’s attention span only lasted from one ride to the next. It was as if the previous ride or experience was wiped from her memory and all her focus went to the next experience. It was as though she had no thoughts or worries about what she had just experienced or what was coming next, she was just fully immersed in the moment. As I sat nurturing my new little granddaughter, I recalled Maitreya’s words and that he tried to convey about living in the “Now” at all times. Below is Wisdom Card number 60, ironically titled “NOW”, nobody says it better than Maitreya. For a free download of the Maitreya Wisdom Card App, click the link. The Message of “NOW” is ageless, infant to adult! 😊

Maitreya Wisdom Card #60 – Now

It is the purpose of the Masters to teach humankind to live in the Now, not to think about the past or the future. The Now is all there is. Living in the Now means that all thinking is in the moment of time, at the moment of thought. When you live in the Now, all opportunities that are meant to come to you, can do so. By being in the Now, you do not stop the flow of energy by being concerned about anything. In the moment of the Now, all answers become available to you, because you are not concerned with anyone or anything else!

Only by being still and living in the Now, with no concerns for anything but that moment of time, can you give the body permission to release suppressed emotions. When you are in the Now, you will allow all energy that is buried deep within to come to the surface to be cleared away. As you do this, layer upon layer can be released because there is nothing stopping it. The soul is simply living in the moment. It has total faith that all its needs will be provided. It has no fear, doubt, or insecurity. It is one with the Divine. Free of worry and concern, you can release all that is buried within, often from many previous incarnations. As you clear away the deeply buried emotions and feelings, then you become more intuitive and sensitive to the world of Spirit. By living in the Now, you do not worry about the future, or live in the past. When you are in the Now, then all you focus on is the Now.

The Universe knows your life lessons, it knows your wants, and if it is left alone, it will bring these things to you, or lead you to whatever is needed for your life plan. When you are not living in the Now, then you can miss this guidance, because you have become too focused on worrying about the future, or on being stuck in the past. It takes much training to change the conditioning of living in the past and stressing about the future. However, once you start to change your thinking and accept the Now, then nothing can go wrong because you allow your destiny to come to you. You just are in the Now, in the moment, without fear, worry, doubt, envy, greed, or any emotion. You just experience the Now in all of its glory. It is the ultimate experience to do so. When this card presents itself to you, its message for you is to live in the Now. By living in the Now you allow blessings to come to you. You follow your intuition and follow the direction that is given to you by your Guardian Spirit, who is in charge of your life in this incarnation. By living in the Now, you allow everything to fall into place in your life as it is meant to. Living in the Now is the only place to be, because when you are truly living in the moment, nothing else matters.

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