New Year And New Beginning

In a twinkling of an eye, 2019 is over and 2020 is here! As always, the Universe is continually utilizing the Photon Energy and the planetary movements to push humanity forward to a higher vibration and higher consciousness collectively and individually. It is no accident that the planets Saturn and Pluto, the most powerful and difficult two planets are transiting at this time in the sign of Capricorn to bring radical changes and integration to our social structures, financial structures, politics, laws, family dynamics, individual lives and life paths. This planetary configuration will impact every facet of our being. A very significant event starts early in 2020 as Saturn and Pluto transiting Capricorn will reach their exact conjunction on January 12th, 2020. This conjunction is a once in several decades event, and it is not only rare, but its impact will be far reaching as it touches mankind collectively and individually. It will be a catalyst for a new beginning of the radical changes and transformations of social and financial structures, politics, and family dynamics as it exposes and lays bare the deep buried issues around authority, government dysfunctions, the inequality and unfairness in law and finance, racial discrimination, the limitation and restriction of traditions, and the misuse and abuse power, etc. Deep buried fear and insecurity, intensive anger and hate are all coming to the surface to be dealt with, to be released and cleared away to assist mankind to evolve to a higher consciousness and higher vibration. It is indeed a rare gift and a great opportunity for positive change to all of us.

Saturn is the lord of time and the lord of karma. Saturn in Capricorn will force us to face our past actions and reactions squarely and responsibly. Saturn is also the strictest teacher and judge in our lives, teaching us the most difficult life lessons through facing our greatest fears and insecurities no matter what kind of fears we have and where they lie within ourselves. Saturn rules the reality of the Earth Plane through structures, rules, laws, regulations, boundaries, restrictions and limitations. We must learn to live, grow and become mature emotionally, mentally and spiritually through cultivating our qualities of determination, discipline, patience, perseverance, responsibility, practicality, accountability and resilience.

On the other hand, Pluto is the God of the underworld, it forces us to face our own shadows, the deep darkness that hides deep in our psyche. That part of ourselves which we often don’t want to face. Unfortunately, until we make our unconscious to conscious, our life will be controlled and dictated by it. Pluto brings radical change, rebirth and transformation into our lives and ourselves, it will touch every part of our life and inevitably change it no matter how long it takes as it holds the utmost power – picture the death and rebirth of the phoenix. The theme of Pluto brings to us is to go with the change.

As you can see, when transiting Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn form an exact conjunction, the utmost power and far reaching impact of change on our society and on our lives collectively and individually is being fueled by the power of the Universe. The structures and environments that we are desperately holding onto that no longer serve our soul evolution will be broken down. As the saying goes, you can run, but you can’t hide from this energy; embrace it and grow!

As always, the process of change and transformation will certainly bring confusion, uncertainty and chaos collectively and individually. Sometimes, it will seem to be extremely negative and destructive, unfortunately, this is a part of the process of reconstruction, reform and transformation of the soul evolution of mankind, and it is necessary and inevitable. Its effect and impact will be long lasting for several decades to come.

Indeed, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is a rare and monumental transit, and it is right here in front of us now. You may wonder what this has to do with you and your life? Well, you can ask yourself: are you truly happy with your life? Are you feeling stuck and stagnant, whether it is your career, relationships, family situation, health or your perception of yourself? If you are not happy with any of it, you now have the great chance to change it. This is a rare opportunity to utilize the energy of this transit to move forward on your destiny path. If you take this opportunity with a leap faith, you can change your life! In the light of a new beginning, everything is possible, but it is your responsibility to take the initiative, to put in the hard work by facing your greatest fears, restrictions and limitations. If you don’t do it, nobody will do it for you! You are the creator of your own reality. You are the master of your own destiny and life.

From the very beginning of 2020, the Universe is aligning each of us with our soul essence and bringing a deep restructuring at the core of our being. A better you and I are about to come out. We must face the deep fear that Saturn brings out of us and embrace the shadow that Pluto forces us to see. Just remember, when Saturn and Pluto join forces, there’s nothing they cannot achieve. When we learn what Saturn and Pluto really want from us, we are empowered, there is nothing that we cannot do, and there is nothing that we cannot achieve or become.

We can try to run away from the lessons that Saturn and Pluto teach us, or we can embrace them. The choice is ours, ours alone individually and collectively. As such, we must keep reminding ourselves that when we run away from Saturn and Pluto, we don’t only run away from problems, we also run away from our possibilities and opportunities. We can run but we cannot hide, we eventually will have to face the lessons Saturn and Pluto bring to us, the sooner we face it and embrace it, the better we become because each time we run away from it, it will only become harder and harder.

Just imagine, what would your life look like if you stopped running away from it and started to take full responsibility for your life and actions? How would you feel if you truly embraced whatever life brings to you and had no fear? Will you be more your true self? Will you be more the authentic you? Will you finally feel at ease with the conditions and surroundings you are? Always remember, Saturn and Pluto are not our enemy, they are our teachers, mirrors and forces of change. When we truly embrace Saturn and Pluto’s lessons, the core of our being will thrive, and we can start living genuinely and fully. All be well.

May the light of Divine Spirit be with you, guide you and lead you throughout your earthly existence from the very beginning of 2020! Happy 2020 to Everyone!