North Node into Aries – South Node into Libra
by Deidre Wilton

In astrology we have the Lunar Nodes.  These are moving points in the cosmos that work with the Moon’s orbit.  So, they are not planets or stars as such, but still have significant impact on the earth plane and all who reside here.

There are two Nodes – the South Node and the North Node and they are found exactly opposite one another in any astrology Chart.  They stay in a sign of the zodiac and its polar opposite for approximately 18 months and they are the only points in our Charts that move in a clockwise motion.  Every other planet in the Chart moves anti-clockwise.

In the Natal Chart the South Node represents the past, and in particular, your most recent relevant past life to this lifetime.  And the North Node represents this lifetime and your destiny within it.  They also represent opportunities to be discovered and experiences to have that will help to play out for you what you have to learn from them.

So, its all about the past and the future and what we can learn and know from past events and how we can apply this knowledge now, and into this lifetime.  You see your soul remembers every lifetime it has ever had and many details associated with each of these lifetimes, and so in its efforts to help you learn, grow and understand it likes to direct your attention towards what has gone before.  However, this is not always in your best interests.  For example, you might find yourself travelling through a foreign country that you have had a powerful past life in and while you are there you feel a great need to not be seen, you feel afraid of being outside in the public eye but you have no idea why.  What may have happened here is that you have had a very powerful lifetime in that same country back in the 13th Century, and in that lifetime you were persecuted or hunted down in some way, and so as soon as you return to that country where this occurred your soul says to you “I know this place, the last time we were here it wasn’t safe to be seen, bad things happened to people who were seen and caught” and thus encourages you to react and behave in the same way as you did back then, as that is what your soul is familiar with and so it is just trying to help.  But in actual fact what happened back in the 13th century has no real relevance to the 21st Century even though it still feels right to act/react in that way.  This is the power and energy of past lives, and it has a huge influence over us.  We use the energy of the North Node to know where we need to grow, learn and be more, and the South Node as the definition the old ways that although can still be useful, need to move forward or be more if we are to continue to grow and evolve.

As we have all had many lifetimes on the earth plane there is much to understand and to process and having knowledge of what you need to learn is very useful, but getting stuck in what you think things should be is not so useful.

So, for the last 18  months the South Node has been in Scorpio and the North Node has been in Taurus.  During this transit we were all learning how to work with others on an equal level, understanding the purpose of hard work, getting things done and being connected to nature – North Node.  And this is because we have already mastered power, being in charge, getting to the bottom of things and the importance of transparency – South Node.  You may have found over the last 18 months that you have not felt as driven to claim power, and that you have experienced the negative aspects of secrecy and lack of honesty BUT that you have really enjoyed being a part of something, and working hard for the greater good of all concerned and having plans and structures in place that support you moving forward.  You may also have had some lessons to learn in your attitude towards money.  The North Node in Taurus has taught us all the importance of planning ahead and not only solidly working towards our goals, but also a greater understanding of how we can support ourselves and the community we live in.

From a collective perspective the transit of the Nodes through Taurus and Scorpio has been for humanity to learn about what is really important to us and how to not only create that but hold on too it for the future.  We have all learned that the mis-use of power creates corruption, secrecy and two classes of people.  And we have learned that if we go back to basics and look to what we can create for ourselves rather than relying on the powers that be to provide it for us, we can find our own power, purpose and security.

On 13 July 2023 the North Node will move into Aries and the South Node into Libra changing the dynamic from power (Scorpio) vs purpose (Taurus) into me (Aries) vs we (Libra).

Libra rules relationships and carries the need to put others ahead of itself, to keep the balance and harmony at all times.  It is an easy-going energy that loves to keep things light and, on the surface, and it loves to be with and work with others usually much more so than doing or being by yourself.  When we are in Libran energy, we are often people-pleasers; the perfect host or hostess, the eternal counsellor and the one who is much more interested in following and maintaining the harmony, than they are in leading.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and therefore this energy carries the qualities of independence, leadership, single-mindedness, spontaneity and competition.  When we are in our Arian energy, we are determined to put ourselves first, to win at all costs, to be in charge, to stand on our own two feet and to rule with an iron fist.  We are very concerned with our own rights and with being heard, and we can find it very hard to admit that we are wrong.

So, polar opposites, yes?  But as we have learned with the opposites in astrology, they are here to work together by using their two very different perspectives to solve the same problem.  And we all know in life that when we are prepared to look for more than one answer, we learn more, feel more confident and end up making much more balanced decisions.

Therefore this Nodal transit of Aries/Libra is all about how we can use our independence and solo abilities alongside our collective and group abilities to create change and growth in our lives.

The Libran South Node will test you as to where and why you are a people-pleaser in your life.  And on what you avoid having to make decisions about, and where you don’t speak up in case you upset someone, and where you give your power away to others and don’t stick up for yourself and what is best for you.  And the arena where you will be exposed to this the most will be where the Libran energy sits in your Natal Chart.

The Arian North Node will be testing you on how you use your power and leadership, whether you believe you are good enough to be a leader and where you can ask for help when you need it.  It will challenge you on your ability to listen as much as you talk and on how important winning really is to you.  And it will question your quick actions and responses when they have not been given due thought and attention.  And the arena for this will be wherever the Arian energy sits in your Chart.

Aries/Libra share in common their love of what we can do when we all come together as one.  And when we work these two energies together here, we can turn a need for balance and harmony into collaboration and co-operation with others for the highest good of all concerned.  We can turn leadership into pro-active empowerment for everyone, rather than just for one.  We get to see how when we work together and share a combined vision we can move mountains, but that when we can only focus on our own desires and need to be right or heard, we are not valuing the collective and its power.

When the Nodes change signs, new opportunities present themselves where you can move forward in your personal growth.  But to do so successfully you have to first see what holds you back and what needs to shift or be changed for this to happen.  And as the Nodes change signs every 18 months, we also have the ability to look back in time to when a particular Nodal shift happened before and how it affected your life then.  What can happen again now will not be a repeat of what happened before, rather it will have similarities or a familiar lesson within it that needs to be learned.  Perhaps the opportunities that were presented to you the last time the Nodes formed this partnership you did not take, or did not recognise, or ran away from?  And so this can be your chance to run with it this time, or to handle it differently or embrace it in some way.

The last time we had the North Node Aries South Node Libra polarity was between December 2004 and June 2006.  So, it is a great time for you to look back at where you were then and what presented itself to you.  Were there new opportunities in some area of your life?  And if yes, did you follow up on them or did you run away?  There would have been something going on then  for you that was designed to help you to be a better leader as well as a better team player.  Perhaps you were offered a promotion or  more responsible role and you said No?  Perhaps you had the opportunity to start your own business and you didn’t have the courage?  Or, perhaps you met an amazing person who you could have had a beautiful relationship with, but you walked away or did not “see” them?

For the next 18 months (until end December 2025) you have the opportunity to change all of this so don’t be afraid to speak up, to step up and to listen to and respect the views and perspectives of others.  And if someone believes in you enough to offer you a role, or an opportunity to do your own thing, don’t run away from it even if you don’t think you can do it.  Its time to feel the fear and do it anyway!

This polarity is exactly what the earth plane needs at this time to encourage all of us to work together for the highest good of all concerned.  It is a wonderful opportunity to get rid of our own agendas and work towards common goals and to know that when we all come together as one, we are unstoppable Lightworkers.

I am planning to run a MasterClass on this Nodal shift in August so keep an eye on my Facebook Page for this.

Wishing you all an abundance of opportunities that you will not be able to resist and all the beautiful people you need to surround you and support you through this every step of the way.  xox