When I climb into my Uber cab in India to go to the store, I never know whether I will get a Hindu driver or a Muslim driver. Hyderabad, where I happen to live is a very Muslim city in India. When I was in Seattle, I often would get a cab from the airport driven by a Sikh driver. I have never here or in Seattle felt any fear from people of other countries or faiths. In fact, when I enter into conversation with them I find, they, just like me have mothers and fathers, children, brothers and sisters. They go to weddings, birthdays and on holidays to their birthplaces just like me. They struggle with having enough time in the day to do all they wish to do and how to make enough money to pay the bills and save for their vacation. If I looked in the mirror and saw them on a personal level, they are just like me, a soul on a journey trying to find their place in the world. I think the energy we know as God, sees the same thing in each of us when it looks down upon us.

It is with real sadness for me that I read on the Internet and see in video clips all the turmoil pitting one group against the other and looking at very superficial issues to try and explain our problems as being a result of another group that doesn’t look like us or believe what we believe in. I know as one that has struggled with judgment and criticality all my life, that the real issue isn’t them; it’s me and my own fears and insecurities.

One thing I have really come to try and change in myself in the last few years is to try and not paint every issue with a broad brush. If I listen to the news, surf the Internet or watch in horror a Republican debate in the U.S., I get hit with, every Muslim is a terrorist or it’s the Mexican guy’s fault, when in fact the majority of every race, religion or ethnicity is just like me with just a different accent or skin color. I grew up with a father who felt all black people were lazy, when in fact he had an immediate family that if it wasn’t for welfare or disability insurance none of them would have existed.

Yes, there are some people of all types that don’t do any of us any favors with some of their actions; you might say they put a stain on our family, our heritage, our religion etc., but that is a trait that transcends all humanity no matter how we choose to group ourselves. The irony of this as I discussed in my last newsletter is we don’t even know if some of these bad, nasty, evil actions in our judgment are even wrong, they may be Karmic and part of a much bigger picture that we aren’t aware of. Do you think God judges groups or individuals, the answer is God does not judge, but I think if it did, it would have the common sense we all should possess not to judge an entire group based on some individual’s actions. If you do, emotions have won.

I feel blessed, because throughout my life in sports, in the Navy, in the work place and now on my Metaphysical journey, I have been blessed to work with all nationalities, all skin colors, all sexualities and when you get below the surface they are just like me. That is not to say that I have not let my emotions get away from me on more occasions than I want to admit, but with the state of the world at this time I think it’s really important to try and get some perspective on this “Us versus Them” mentality.

I personally think in the Universe’s great wisdom it is using this time of unrest around the vast inequality in the world to bring out the anger on all levels to purge it from the depths of our souls. I think it may get much worse before it gets better. You have to view it as a negative to a positive in which you only learn if you endure the negative to get to the positive. Don’t let the emotions of “Us versus Them” take you off your path of self-discovery on your way to raising your vibration.

It actually reminds me of an instance with a Navy buddy of mine that visited me up at my parent’s cabin in a remote area of Northern Idaho in the U.S. about 25 years ago. It was a beautiful place in the forest with a picturesque lake. He said, we should bury a cache of guns up here; so when it gets to “Us versus Them” we’ll be ready for “Them”. Unfortunately when he hit a very emotional stretch in his life, he had one of those guns and blew his head off. Pretty sad, but we do stupid stuff when emotions are high, try and be objective to the big picture.

What is the big picture? It’s “Me versus My”, where it’s ME versus MY life lessons and MY Karma. That’s what I’ve chosen to experience and learn from in this lifetime. It may involve others, but if I keep focused on my issues and not theirs, I will be fine.