As we enter September, it is really sinking in that Margaret is gone. It is something that I truly never contemplated. It reminds me of the lyrics from the Eagles song Wasted Time – “You never thought you’d be alone, This far down the line, And I know what’s been on your mind, You’re afraid it’s all been wasted time”. But, I know it wasn’t wasted time, the love she showed me will easily last all my life. She was a beacon to us all and I was the lucky one to stand closest to the light. My journey going forward will definitely be “One step at a time”. As Maitreya taught through her, it’s about living in the now and growing through the lessons the Universe presents to us each and every day of which this one is a big one. I had much mentoring from another energy she channeled, called Sister. She always stressed to me that the journey on the Earth plane is a difficult one and that you will go 3 steps forward, 2 steps back and fall down occasionally, but the test is to keep getting up and taking that next step.

I am in kind of the fall down stage right now as I figure out the steps going forward. August was a fixed month astrologically speaking and the change was hard as it felt like I was swimming against a current that was going to take me where it wanted to anyway. September is a mutable month, the energy is conducive to change and I know it’s time to get up and move forward and then we enter October, which is a Cardinal month and is a time for me to surf the energy of getting back into control of things. Ironically, I will turn 61 on October 17th and as the song says, “ I didn’t think I’d be alone this far down the line”. BUT I’m not alone; I have Jean, Korinne and Ratna, along with the Maitreya community, which has been a true inspiration to me during these past 6 weeks. Most importantly, I have a foundation about life built on the Wisdom of Maitreya that Margaret so freely allowed to be channeled through her. It definitely is “Wisdom for Today and Answers for Tomorrow” and it is the only answer to battling the Self and all the emotions of the Earth plane!

I know it is a process that will have its ups and downs, but I will take it one step at a time and I know Margaret’s love and guidance will always be there, just from a higher place.

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