Opening Your Path to Unity Consciousness
by Laura Elliott

Hello everyone and Happy August!

It’s hard to believe over half of the year is gone already!

This month the Angels are giving us another lesson in not accepting the role of victim. It must be necessary, otherwise they wouldn’t be sharing this with us, but hopefully we’ll be able to move past this lesson in the near future.

Giving our personal power away is a deep-seated habit that we’ve formed without even realizing we’ve formed it. And I think if you were to ask most people they would say they never play the victim role. But if they were to look deeper at their lives I think they’d find times when they’ve said “I can’t help it, I just feel this way” in reaction to something that happened. Or they might say, “I have no control over how I feel about what happened (or what didn’t happen)”. Everyone feels like they have no control over their lives, at one point or another, and feel that the world and circumstances are happening to them, and that they have no choices. Everyone is playing the victim role, and that is why the Angels continue to bring this message to us.

I humbly offer their message in service to Humanity and wish all the love of the Creator to you on your journey towards Unity Consciousness.


The things we have said we have said out of love. We are ever at your side and endeavor to bring you the truth of who you truly are. You have lived so long in a lie, in a virtual world where nothing you experience is truly real. Yet to you every single part of it has been real. And you hold on to each and every experience as if it is the last you will ever have. Especially the most painful ones. You pat yourself on the back because you have lived through what someone else has put you through yet what you do not remember is that that someone was you. You chose every part of this life that you are now experiencing and at any time your choices can change it. You have given away your power to others to let them decide what is best for you and then you rail against the restraints they put upon you. You have brought this upon yourself, and even though this is not what you want to hear we tell you the truth of it. You want us to reinforce the idea you have that you are a victim, but we will not. You are only a victim because you perceive yourself as a victim. You are only a victim because you have given over your power to others by giving in to fear and losing sight of the spiritual Being that you are in actuality. No one can take from you what you have already freely given.

In the density of the Earth realm, it is very difficult to remember your real self but not impossible. But first you must work your way through all the trappings of government, politics, and religion. Yes, religion. All of these have been set up to control you and to keep those in power happy and satiated. They are serving their own purpose in their Service to Self-polarity, and they will suffer the consequences of the decisions they have made. This is not something you must be present for to witness but know it is the karmic balancing of the Universe in action for this to be so. In other words, this is not your concern. Your only concern is what you do, what choices you make, for those are what affect your karmic balance with the Universe. If you have shown the Universe that you live and breathe Service to Others polarity then you will continue on your journey towards Unity Consciousness. For those that have not, they will continue their lessons until they understand that Service to Others is the only path that will lead to Unity Consciousness and beyond.

A large part of choosing the Service to Others path is also choosing to release the hold that victimhood has over you. Decide to really examine your life. Where are you feeling helpless and as if you have no control? Where or when do you feel that things are just happening to you, and you have no choices? Accept that the only reason you feel this way is because you have given your personal power and freedom over to circumstances and events outside of yourself. Anytime that you do this you are making yourself the victim. Things may happen that are out of your control, but you still have the power over how you feel about it, over how you are going to deal with it. You get to decide if you are going to respond or react. Reacting is a knee jerk reaction; how you are feeling about something that happens or what you are doing about it as an automatic thing. When you respond, you are coming from a place of Awareness. Awareness that you have a choice of how you feel, of what your attitude is going to be in response to whatever has happened. Responding is taking your power back, it means you are choosing to make a different choice than you normally would. And in this way you are not giving your power over to the circumstance or event.

Learning to take your personal power back and to stop playing the victim is a very important step to progressing in your spiritual development. For as long as you see yourself as the victim you are not truly understanding your true spiritual self and your path will be blocked. Not by others, but by yourself. You must understand your physical self without having the attachment to it that you have grown to have. You must remember it is only the side player here, the lead role belongs to the part of your Higher Self that is here expressing itself in the physical, which is the essence that fills the physical vessel and gives it life. Without this essence the physical form has no animation.

We hope that you will allow us to give you the tools and knowledge needed for you to reach the levels you have so desired so that you may transcend this human experience at last. We are ever grateful to serve in this way.


Your Angels