by Linda Zeppa

It’s time to think orange! You see orange…in the fields, at the markets, in the stores, decorating doorsteps and in your closet when you go looking for those warmer autumn clothes. It varies in shades from amber to vermillion, marigold to pumpkin. Orange combines the fiery hot of red, with the energetic yellow warmth of the sun to balance out to these various shades. No matter what the shade, it is dynamic and spices things up. It is the color of creativity and stimulates enthusiasm. (A word of caution on that note…it is said that orange stimulates appetite and thus increases craving for food. Do you have the autumn munchies and are you bulking up for the next season? Hmmm…)

Don’t be concerned if you are drawn to those orange clothes. Go ahead and wear them. They help to balance your emotions, embrace new ideas, have confidence in your creativity and even add some playful fun. You’ll get noticed without screaming “Hey look at me!”

If you are not into orange clothes, you can wear or carry an orange stone. Carnelian, orange amber, fire agate and orange calcite carry these wonderful orange qualities.

You can also burn an orange candle, put a pumpkin on display in your home, cook and eat one of the great fresh orange veggies/fruit available now. Smell an orange, or even better eat an orange.

The second Chakra, in the sacral area of your body, is orange. The Sanskrit name for this Chakra is Swadhisthana meaning ‘dwelling place of the Self’.  It is associated with creativity, passion and procreation, and governs emotional and sensual aspects of our lives. So I am wondering…is it possible to alleviate yucky tummy aches and cramps by thinking orange or letting creativity out in our own personal crazy way? It sounds like a fun remedy and worth a try. Perhaps it is time to let intuitive creativity flow. Find a class, a teacher/guide or just go ahead and do whatever feels good…write, draw, paint (with orange paint), sculpt, mold, carve (a pumpkin), sing, dance. And remember, the process is as important as the product.

Orange is a powerful color. It is no mistake that nature gives us this great color at the time of year when we need to realize our personal power and cherish it as we move inward yet forward with the seasonal change.

©Linda Zeppa is a writer, an educator, an intuitive development coach and guide, a writing coach and guide and editor. As usual, if you are looking for assistance please contact me at or through my website