Our Body and Our Responsibility
by Jean Luo

Each one of us is the sum total of body, mind, and spirit. The spirit is the core, the essence of each soul. It is timeless, ageless, and eternal. It resides in our heart; The body is the carrier of the spirit; enabling the soul to be grounded on the Earth Plane to attain soul learning and growth through earthly life experiences; The mind is our mental faculty of thinking, reasoning, and applying knowledge, etc. When these three parts work with each other in harmony and are well balanced, we are healthy and have the most vitality. Whenever these three are out of balance, we often have dis-ease physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.

In fact, most diseases are caused by our inner stress and tension due to our own unreleased and repressed emotions, unexpressed thoughts, unspoken words, unhealthy diet, habits, conditioned beliefs, and attitudes. We have carried them with us throughout our life or our past lives, but have never dealt with them, and sadly, most of us have no idea about their existence deep within us. They are the energy that have created disharmony, dis-ease and unbalance in our own body, mind, and spirit.

Everything is energy. Thought, word, emotion, feeling, belief, habit, etc., are all live energy in different forms. Whenever the energy is unused or unexpressed, it becomes stagnant, and then it creates an energy blockage; when the life force energy in our biosystem is blocked by these blockages, our body’s normal condition and function weaken into a state of dis-ease, disharmony, and unbalance, which eventually manifest as a physical disease. The health issues are warning signals from our soul that there is a dis-harmony, dis-ease, and unbalance that we need to pay attention to, or there is something that we need to let go of so that we can restore balance, health, and wellbeing. The physical body is the outlet of our energy, and diseases are the ways for us to clear the outstanding energy blockages and trapped energy in our bioenergy field. The physical body is also a vast intuitive intelligence. It works diligently to keep us living in balance and harmony with our body, mind, and spirit so that we can easily function and operate in our daily life. As such, it constantly sends us signals and signs if there is any disharmony and dis-ease so that we can be alert and work on it.

Thus, it is our responsibility to listen to our body, work with our body, and take good care of our body. There are many people who do not have to have disease, but they have created it for themselves by not paying attention to the messages their body has been trying to warn them about. They don’t realize that their own unhappiness, unhealthy diet and habits, unbalanced lifestyle, unreleased emotions, and unexpressed mental energy can all be the cause of their disease.

Then when they get sick, they solely rely on their doctors for their cure. Although I don’t have any intention to devalue our medical doctors or diminish their work, I honestly speak that most doctors are not aware of the metaphysical perspectives of the diseases, they have been trained to depend on blood tests and medical instruments to diagnose the disease, and then prescribe chemical synthesized medicines as a cure. Often, these medicines can only repress the symptoms, but not resolve the root cause. This is why so many people have developed addiction to their prescriptions, because once they start taking these medicines, they cannot stop taking them, otherwise, the symptoms will recur and may get worse. Often, after taking for a while, the medicine no longer works, then the doctors have to prescribe another medicine for the patient to try. One medicine tries to correct another medicine’s side effect, to the end, the patient ends up taking several different medicines daily in order to be functionable in their daily life as if the quality of their life is relying on these medicines!

Again, I am not here to devalue the importance of the doctors. I have high respect to the doctors. However, I am deeply concerned about people, especially old people, instead of following their intuition and inner feelings, and listening to their body, they rely on the doctors and give their own power and trust to their doctors without questioning. To the end, the quality of life is greatly dependent on drugs and medications!

I truly believe that most diseases are curable if we can clear the energy blocks by releasing and letting go of the repressed emotions, expressing unexpressed thoughts and feelings; speaking unspoken words; paying attention to diet, changing an unhealthy lifestyle, and eating habits, cultivating a positive attitude, and taking full responsibility for ourselves. It is our body, our mind, and our spirit. Each of us is the only person who is the most importance in our universe, and who is solely responsible for our body, mind, and spirit.

The doctors, your loved ones, the people, and the environment you interact with are all the assistance of you need. But remember, they are only your helping hands, they are not the life force to your existence. It is you, only you, and you alone, who is fully responsible for your own health and well-being. You are responsible for the balance and harmony of your body, mind, and spirit!