Our recent visit to Australia gave me the chance to see some of my family and also brought so many memories forward of when I lived there. I am very blessed in having lived in so many places overseas. First England, where I lived until I was 28, then Australia. When Maitreya came into my life in 1992, I went to live in New Zealand for 8 years, moving back to Australia for 4 years, then moving to the USA and now to India, as a visitor.

Each country has given me a new perspective on life, living and the people. It has made it easy for me to make the changes necessary to move forward. Have it liked it? No, I have not. But, I have done as I was asked by Spirit, and in each country have left a legacy for Maitreya to build upon. Of course, it all depends on the Self of each person and how that will affect them, but hopefully, the work of change will take place, even after I have gone home myself.

In a recent newsletter, Maitreya wrote about change and how hard it is TO change. I know my own battles with change; leaving family behind, the fear of new challenges, and the fear of failure! Yes, I even had a fear of failure. Change is NOT easy! I have spent 21 years facing my fears of bringing change, of having people turn against me, ridicule me, lie about me, and accuse me of things I did not do.

When I first began my work with Maitreya, an astrologer told me “People will either bow down at your feet, or run away in terror.” I have never wanted anyone to bow down at my feet, and never will. If they do, I tell them I am just a soul on my path, like they are. But, so many have run away in terror, as the astrologer put it; their Self not wanting to make the changes that come with raising their vibration/consciousness.

At times, it is like treading mud up a hill. It is as if I cannot move, or like a brick wall is placed in front of me; the time, money and effort that has gone into promoting Maitreya around the world is enormous, millions of dollars. From one viewer of our web site in 1997, we now have thousands, and it builds every day. However, not many make the commitment to move on, to make the change to a higher vibration. They read the messages, the newsletters from Maitreya, and the Facebook posts, but few actually commit to change within themselves.

Recently, going through a heavy clearing and feeling really down, Alan told me to dwell on what I had done right, the channels and teachers who Maitreya through me has created. Those channels are in Croatia, France, New Zealand, USA, Canada, and Australia, another one is on his journey to Mastership in Belgium, another in India. These are just a few I can think of for now, please do not be upset if I have not mentioned you.

Do I get tired? Yes, I do; road weary, I call it. But, each day I get out of bed, and put one foot in front of the other. I will not give up. Those I mentioned will not do so either, despite the lack at times of financial support, ridicule and frustration, they believe in the change that is to come. Who would have believed 30 years ago there would be gay marriage, and a black President? But, it happened, and it happened because people wanted change and did something about it. Are you a doer, or do you pay lip service? Change can only happen if people are active and WANT change. What do YOU want?