Passing Over

A close friend of mine lost her husband of 50+ years of marriage a couple days ago to Covid. On an emotion level, this is a time of sadness and loss that will need time to process and reflect upon. I know when I lost Margaret, even with Maitreya’s wisdom surrounding the death experience in my brain, it did take me time to process her passing from an emotional perspective. We’re all human right!

Luckily, my experience with Maitreya gave me the core understanding of his words in the Maitreya Wisdom Card #19, DEATH, “There is no death on the soul level. Death only happens to the physical body when the soul has finished their learning in each incarnation… There is nothing to fear in death, it is a transition.” If we can see through the emotions of our loss and look to the bigger picture, we can have solace and understanding that our loved one has just taken the next step in their evolutionary process and now it is time for our next chapter also. As Maitreya said, “There is much joy when you return home, much celebration.” So, since they are celebrating in the Spirit world that your loved one has come home, try, and look forward with joy at what the Universe is now going to present to you!

It was interesting to hear Maitreya discuss the transition process from life to death. He explained that the receiving area where you go as you transition looking just like the environment of your passing. If you were in a hospital bed on a ventilator, you would find yourself waking up in a hospital room with doctors and nurses attending to you. If you had been in an auto accident, you would find yourself with what appeared to be a police officer or medics assisting you. If you had a strong religious belief, you may find yourself at the Pearly Gates waiting to talk to St. Peter. Since everything is an illusion, there is no environment that can’t be created to assist your transition.

The transition process can be delicate as you slowly come to the realization that you have passed. This a very confusing time as you are trying to comprehend that you have passed over. Maitreya explained the process like what we see in the movies of sprinkling fairy dust over you to put you into a peaceful sleeping state to limit your anxiety as you’re struggling to comprehend that you have passed. This process of waking and putting you back down with the fairy dust is repeated over and over until you come to terms with your passing. During this process, those who you were close to you that have already passed, or close Spirit family friends comfort you to assist you to calm your energy and assist you in coming to terms of your passing.

Try to have trust in the Universe even when you lose someone, everything in our life is for our learning. Look forward and invite the new adventures of each day into your life. You’ll be surprised at what’s presented to you if you can have a positive outlook.

Have a great month,