To commemorate the anniversary of Margaret’s passing 3-years ago (7/13/19), we produced a beautiful video slideshow illustrating Maitreya’s teachings on Past Lives and Past Life Energy. Maitreya constantly reminded us that ~85% of our life is spent living in past life energy. Our current actions and choices are driven by past life memory and past life energy, not the emotional circumstances of the moment that we are reacting to. It is our past life energy that creates fear, doubt, insecurity, anxiety, jealousy, anger, guilt, shame, unhappiness, dis-ease and all other “negative” emotions in our life. Yet, most of us may not be aware of the power that our past lives have over us at all.

We continue to thank and honor Margaret’s dedication to Maitreya’s work on the Earth Plane. We hope this video slideshow can assist you in some way on your soul’s evolutionary journey. For more information on Maitreya’s teachings here is a link to Maitreya’s Wisdom Card #61 on Past Lives which are also available as a Free e-Book Download.

Enjoy, Team Maitreya!