Past Life Energy – Congratulations Ratna

I’ve been discussing all the energy that has been coming to the surface relating to our move, but this is not unique to us. Yes, the move has been a big trigger for us, but everyone at this time is experiencing deep emotional turmoil As Jean wrote about in her newsletter this month, the energy trigger at this point in time is related to the changing of the energy relating to the nodes switching signs. The South node has moved into Scorpio and the North node entered Taurus and will stay here until July 2023. This configuration is the Universe’s way to bring a lot of deep and intense Past Life energy to the surface. We often discuss some of our present life trauma, but it can always be linked to several previous incarnations where we haven’t dealt with the energy.

We’re in a time where the Universe is doing an energetic cleanse to try and assist us and mankind to shift, but as the energy comes roaring to the surface it is not always clean and pretty. It can be destructive and unproductive if you don’t detach and try to understand it, process it, and release it from your being. As I’ve said in previous newsletters, try not to play the victim as your energy or someone else’s energy comes flying to the surface. Try and detach and ask that rhetorical questions, “What am I supposed to learn from this experience, where did the energy come from”? It’s a major step in understanding and processing the energy rather than adding to it.

Here’s an experience that recently transpired with me and our housemate Ratna. Per my usual these days, I’m venting over an issue that triggered me relating to our new bamboo flooring. Ratna, who took charge of the flooring and feels responsible for any issues is trying to address my concerns, but I don’t want any part of his help and the emotions on my side are running extremely high. Well, guess what? I triggered the normally calm, cool, and composed Ratna and in the heat of the moment, he’s chest to chest, nose to nose with me and letting me have it from depths of his being. This was first time he’d ever shown this side of himself, and I could see it scared him. But, as the energy dissipated, the ah-ha moment comes to him. He realizes, he’s not really yelling at me, he’s finally expressing himself to his father. All the pent-up energy from the sensitive young man that had repressed everything during his childhood trying to survive his father’s volatile personality came roaring to the surface. How many incarnations had this been playing out? Incredible stuff, and a testament to how the Universe works if only we can survive the emotions of the moment and truly process the energy. Ironically, I’m 20-years older than Ratna and have many of the traits of his late father. Think about it, as Maitreya often stated, “There are no accidents”!

We’re here to release the emotional body and the Universe is constantly setting up the triggers for us. It’s easy to get lost in the emotions of the moment. I know for me it’s a struggle to detach at times, but at least with the knowledge of metaphysics we have a fighting chance to process, learn and hopefully release the energy. Thanks Maitreya! On a positive note, the Universe never judges us, it just keeps bringing the triggers to assist us to release all that Past Life energy that we’ve chosen to release in this lifetime. Strive for that ah-ha moment when you see through the Energy and The Illusion of Life. Congratulations Ratna, you’re incredible!

Have a great month,